How Is it Getting Warmer if I’m So Cold?: Global Warming Myths Debunked

For those environmentally-minded individuals who are bothered by the comments and claims of global warming refusniks, has a well-researched list of 119 rebuttals to global warming skeptics. As in most things in life, the best defence is a good offense, and each rebuttal is linked to numerous supportive reports and studies. Here are twenty […]

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Top Eco-Friendly Camping Gear

Summertime is upon us, when nature lovers all over venture into the great outdoors. Whether preparing for a family camp-out or a lone wilderness trek, plan ahead, gear up and think “green.” Avoid any products containing PVC, a known toxin. Opt for recycled materials, such as PET plastic- a fully recyclable polyester. Choose reusable, washable […]

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