Super Bowl XLV (2011) Profile: Aaron Rodgers And His Smart Choice

Rodgers might have been able to work hard and land a starting position with another team, and be a good NFL quarterback. Instead, Aaron Rodgers made the smart choice, though I am sure it was a difficult choice, and stay with the Packers, learning from the best, biding his time until he would be given an opportunity. That smart choice to sit behind Brett Favre turned Aaron Rodgers into not just a good quarterback, but into one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL today.

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2011 Oscar Award Nominee For Best Picture “The Fighter” Movie Review

I am a sucker for sports movies, because sports movies almost always portray the scenario of an underdog challenger to the champion, or to the favorite, and the movie is almost always about how the challenger overcomes the overwhelming challenges and succeeds in outdoing the expectations, usually ending with the unexpected defeat of the favorite by the underdog. I can’t get enough of such movies, because, to me, that is what life is about; Working hard, believing in yourself, and surpassing expectations. And that is what sports is about, especially individual sports, but team sports as well.

“The Fighter” is based on a true story of an Irish boxer, Mickey Ward, and his brother who helped train him before he went pro.

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Oscar 2011 Nominee For Best Motion Picture “Black Swan” Review

This film is a dark film that has great artistic style and flair. The film depicts a wild mixture of personalities, visuals and nightmares, and the result is profound.

Natalie Portman plays Nina, a professional ballet dancer who works hard to be successful and obtain the lead role. When Beth, the lead dancer in her company, has to retire, Nina finally gets to audition for the lead role Swan Lake.

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The 2011 Oscar Nominations List is Finally Here

The 2011 Oscars  (83rd Academy Awards) are upon us. The Academy has announced the 2011 Oscar Nominations List for the upcoming Academy Awards season. And now, only 34 days remain until the Oscar winning movies and actors are announced. During this period, from now until The Academy Awards glamorous ceremony in February, hundreds of millions of […]

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Johnny Depp and the Electronic Cigarette – And the Winner is… The Tourist

While the 2010 thriller film, The Tourist, took a major blow at the 2011 Golden Globe awards, coming home without a single win, electronic cigarette smokers would surely name The Tourist “Movie of the Year.” E-smokers really don’t care that the box office sees the movie as a slight disappointment with an estimated $64 million domestic […]

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