Grab Your Popcorn – It’s Movie Time

When the weather gets too hot to handle, I always like to beat the heat by escaping to the air-conditioned cool of the movies. Of course, summer at the movies means plenty of big dumb action flicks but so long as they don’t take themselves too seriously, I usually enjoy them. The studios try to […]

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Smoking Songs

After a hard day at work, there’s nothing quite as relaxing as kicking back with a e-cigarette in hand and listening to some of your favorite songs. However, there’s always the problem of deciding what to listen to. If you’re like me you’ve already gotten sick of all your playlists and are trying to think […]

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The Electric Revolution

Who ever thought we’d have electronic cigarettes? I mean twenty years ago no one would have even considered it a possibility because in what way would making it electric improve anything? Now e- cigarettes are all over the place, even in movies. It got me thinking though about how electricity has changed so many products […]

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Happy Independence Day!

Don’t you just love the annual fireworks displays? Especially if it takes place on or near the water. There’s nothing quite like the way the water reflects those fiery bursts of color. The July 4th fireworks display (and getting to play with sparklers) was always one of the highlights of summer for me. Whether you’re […]

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