E Cigs 101: Which E Cig Looks and Tastes Like a Real Cigarette?

I’ve decided to run a series on basic questions I’ve gotten about electronic cigarettes. So, to start I chose this question as it is probably the most frequently asked question from those looking into e cigs for the first time.  Which e cig most looks and feels like a real cigarette? The truth is … […]

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A Green Smoke Celebrity Spokesperson?

Well, summer is winding down but fall isn’t here just yet, which means of course, that there is absolutely nothing to watch on TV. So, as I struggled to find something entertaining on TV the other day, my mind wandered and suddenly the thought struck me, how cool would it be if Green Smoke® had […]

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Patti Stanger

Green Smoke® Electronic Cigarettes – The Latest Celebrity Accessory?

A number of celebrities have been spotted around town enjoying Green Smoke® electronic cigarettes. Who? Check it out! Jerry Ferrara – That’s right Jerry Ferrara who plays Turtle on the hit series Entourage (bummed that this is the last season, how about you?), was seen checking out Green Smoke e-cigs at the trunk show for […]

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TJ Bell and Green Smoke® to Honor H.E.R.O Captain Dennis H. Knowles

TJ Bell and Green Smoke® (the makers of high quality electronic cigarettes) are gearing up for another NASCAR race this weekend at Watkins Glen. Bell and Green Smoke® are proud to announce that they’ve teaming up with the Helping Early Responders Organization (H.E.R.O) and will be hosting a different H.E.R.O at all of their upcoming […]

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