Another Celebrity Enjoys a Green Smoke E Cig

NY Fashion Week Celebrities Visit the GBK/Green Smoke Lounge

The GBK/Green Smoke New York Fashion Week “Green Room” Style Lounge was held over two days on September 13 & 14, 2011 at the Empire Hotel in Lincoln Center. The celebrity guest list was highlighted by Kirstie Alley, Star Jones, Natalie Cole along with 25 TV personalities. Many celebrities posed with our latest H.E.R.O.s including […]

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Planking and Batting and Owling – Oh My!

Even though planking is perhaps one of the stupidest and laziest trends in recent memory, participants made sure to create a “World Planking Day” (in May). Just what the world needed! But planking has led us to some other weird trends such as owling (which involved posing like an owl on top of a statue) […]

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What do Jessica White and Evan Ross Have in Common?

We’ve spotted not one but two more celebrities sampling our e-cigarettes. So, who are the latest celebs who’ve tried our revolutionary Green Smoke e cig? Supermodel Jessica White – In case you aren’t familiar with Miss White, she’s a Victoria’s Secret model, and has even appeared in a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and was a […]

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E Cigs 101: Test Your E-Cig Vocabulary

Next up in E-Cigs 101 – we’re going back to the very basics with an e-cig glossary. There’s no time like the present to brush up on all the e-cig terms that you need to know. Ready to get started? Just browse through the handy glossary below: Analog – The name for regular (tobacco) cigarettes […]

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MSG Brad Kelley

New HERO Master Sergeant Brad G. Kelley

As you may or may not know, Green Smoke® sponsors NASCAR driver T.J. Bell, who drives the #50 Green Smoke® Toyata Camry. Cool right? What’s even cooler, is that at every race with T.J. we host a HERO. HERO (which stands for Helping Early Responder Organization) is an organization dedicated to supporting and assisting the […]

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