The Next Thing Plaguing Smokers – Exploding Lighters

For Bill Clemmer April 8, 2008 was just another spring day. This machinist had just come back in from a smoking break when his lighter exploded in his pocket, burning away his clothing and giving him 3rd degree burns over most of his body. Bill’s family rushed to the hospital to find him badly injured. […]

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7 Things We’re Grateful For

We at Green Smoke® are thankful for a great many things. But if we list them all, we’ll need until New Years to finish. So here is our very shortened list: 7. We’re thankful (and honored) to produce an incredible electronic cigarette. 6. We’re thankful that we’re able to come to work every day knowing […]

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Denise Rich

Songwriter Denise Rich Sings Our Praises

We met more than just a few celebrities at the GBK Green Smoke® Fashion Week event when we were in NYC. However, while you might not know her by name, you’ve probably heard plenty of her songs. At Fashion Week we had the privilege to meet American songwriter Denise Rich. Denise has written songs and […]

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Most Eligible E-Smoker

It is no surprise that Matt Nordgren was chosen to be on the recent reality hit “Most Eligible: Dallas”. After all, he’s a former Longhorn quarterback who was signed to play professional football (before an injury sidelined him), a successful businessman and partner in his family’s energy business, is involved in numerous charities, and yeah… […]

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The Unforgettable Natalie Cole

Would you believe it, Natalie Cole thinks that Green Smoke® is “Unforgettable!” Well Ms. Cole, we think you’re pretty unforgettable too. We got the chance to meet legendary American singer, songwriter and performer Natalie Cole at the GBK Green Smoke® Fashion Week event in NYC. And she is so nice! In case you didn’t know, […]

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Rocker Tries Green Smoke® Electronic Cigarettes

We had a chance to catch up with one of our favorite former American Idol contestants at the GBK Green Smoke® Fashion Week event. That’s right, we met  rocker Constantine Maroulis. While he only earned sixth-place when he appeared on season 4 of “American Idol”, Constantine Maroulis didn’t let that stop him from pursuing his […]

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Countess LuAnn Tries Green Smoke® Electronic Cigarettes

We got a chance to hold court with the Countess at the fabulous GBK Green Smoke® Fashion Week event. While we had a chance to talk, naturally we asked her what she thought about our latest e-cigs as she’d just tried them. She remarked that they were “Fantastic!” and said, “Sign me up” for our […]

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What is a USB Cigarette Anyway?

Have you ever had your electronic cigarette run out of power right when you needed it most? If so, the USB cigarette is the perfect addition to your electronic cigarette collection. What is it exactly? A USB cigarette is an electronic device that has a long cord with a USB plug attached to it. Just […]

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