Funny Guy John Branyan

Interview with Comedian John Branyan About His Electronic Cigarette Act

John Branyan is known for his comedy. What most people probably don’t know is the real John Branyan. Someone who, believe it or not, is actually a pretty quiet guy and not the life of the party. While he has the talent to make audiences of thousands roll on the floor in laughter, he’s actually […]

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Women

Why does gift giving have to be so complicated? It’s the thought that counts right? Well, in theory. Buying holiday gifts can be tricky and one woman’s dream gift can be another woman’s nightmare. So, while you might have to adjust gift ideas for her personal preferences, here are a few gift ideas that we […]

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Men

Holiday gift buying can be one of the most stressful aspects of the holiday season. There’s a lot of pressure to find that perfect gift for your loved ones and the wrong present can cause far more upset than it should. While we all know it should be the thought that counts, the right gift […]

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Bet You Never Thought of Smoking Your E-Cig Here…

Comedian John Branyan recently pulled out his Green Smoke® electronic cigarette on stage and proceeded to entertain the audience (and the internet) with a hilarious list of places an electronic cigarette might be used. In church… While officiating a wedding… Or delivering a baby…

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Slam Dunk Electronic Cigarettes

Good news for basketball fans, the NBA finally announced the five-game holiday slate opening the 2011-2012 season. With basketball season around the corner we thought you might want to know who we met at our latest Fashion Week event. That’s right…Basketball Wives: LA star, Laura Govan. Laura is one of the stars of the VH1 series […]

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