The Story of Our Designer Batteries…

Ok we’ll admit it, we’re really excited about our new designer batteries. Last month when the first shipment came to the office, everyone was amazed by them. The next step was to name them. We only had a few short weeks before we were launching them and we need to think up names, and fast! […]

by , June 11, 2012, 16 comments
choosing an electronic cigarette starter kit

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Green Smoke Starter Kit

One question a lot of our customers ask is “which starter kit should I choose?” It’s a big decision, particularly if you’ve never smoked electronic cigarettes before. How many batteries do I need? Which flavor cartomizer should I get? What’s the deal with the accessories? I’m going to run you through a few things that will help […]

by , June 7, 2012, 2 comments