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Revealed: 4 Unexpected Places to Enjoy E-Cigarettes!

Vaping in the Library

Electronic cigarettes, like Green Smoke® e-cigarettes, are one of the best things that’s ever happened to people who love to take a puff and enjoy the great flavors and rich, thick vapors – all the while leaving no offensive odor, ash, or cigarette butts behind. Because this means they can enjoy “vaping” outdoors and indoors without annoying non-vapers. Out on ...

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How the Green Smoke® Battery Warranty Works for You

Lifetime Limited Warranty

“Really?” you’re probably saying. “The Green Smoke® electronic cigarette battery pack I purchased for just $44.97 has a warranty? But I’m sure they’ll work – I’ve been using Green Smoke® for months!” And they will! Our lithium ion batteries are designed for optimal and long-lasting performance – with a lifespan of about 400 charges (one year’s worth of use). But, if for ...

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