Lindsay Lohan at Fashion Week

Hollywood Goes Electronic: Why Celebs Are “Vaping Up”

It seems that the latest trend to invade Tinseltown is none other than electronic cigarettes! In fact, there have been numerous sightings of celebrities “vaping up” both in their movies and in their personal lives. Whatever brand of e-cigarette they’re smoking, we at Green Smoke® Electronic Cigarettes couldn’t be happier.

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Smell Fresh with E Cigs

Green Smoke® Electronic Cigarette Passes the “Smell Fresh Test”

And with flying colors, too, if I may add! Hey, all you smokers (and soon-to-be Green Smoke® e-cigarette fans)! As you know, the smell of cigarette smoke is pretty distinct. Some say it is bitter and sour. Others describe it as musty. Still others define it as overpowering, pungent. And the more uncharitable ones say that the […]

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Vaping in the Library

Revealed: 4 Unexpected Places to Enjoy E-Cigarettes!

The advent of electronic cigarettes has brought this great piece of news to the smoking community – NO SMOKING areas are virtually a thing of the past! Die-hard smokers looking for alternatives have found reason to celebrate with Green Smoke® e-cigarettes – which provide the same look, taste, feel, and smoking sensations as traditional cigarettes. Only better. Because […]

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Lifetime Limited Warranty

How the Green Smoke® Battery Warranty Works for You

“Really?” you’re probably saying. “The Green Smoke® electronic cigarette battery pack I purchased for just $59.95 has a warranty? But I’m sure they’ll work – I’ve been using Green Smoke® for months!” And they will! Our lithium ion batteries are designed for optimal and long-lasting performance – with a lifespan of about 400 charges (one year’s worth […]

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