Rechargeable Ecigarettes

Are All E-Cigarettes Created Equal?

One of the recurring questions that electronic cigarette smokers – whether newbies or long-time fans –ask us is this: “What are the differences between disposable, rechargeable, and USB e cigarettes? And how do I know which one is best for me?” Okay, let us unravel this mystery. But first and foremost, it needs to be said […]

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E-Cigs and Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day…Switch to E-Cigarettes!

Earth Day…? Electronic cigarettes…? What’s the connection, you ask. Well, Earth Day is an annual event that helps increase awareness for pollution, climate change, and other environmental disasters that have befallen Mother Earth as a result of a whole range of human endeavors. Celebrated this year on April 22 with the theme “The Face of Climate Change”, […]

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E-Cigs Money Savings

Why Electronic Cigarettes Don’t Burn…a Hole in Your Pocket!

“With Green Smoke® e-cigs, smoking is no longer an expensive luxury!” “It’s nice that my smoking budget is now well within my budget!” “Thanks to e-cigs, I can now afford so many things that I couldn’t before!” These are just some of the typical reactions of smokers who’ve switched to electronic cigarettes – and realized just […]

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e-cigarette fan

8 Most Likely Fans of E-Cigarettes: Are You One of Them?

At first glance, you’d think that electronic cigarettes (like Green Smoke® e-cigs) would attract only a small group of people – diehard smokers who are turned off by the constant annoyances of smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. They’ve had it with the dirty ash and butts, nasty cigarette odor and smokers’ breath, and all those smoking […]

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