Green Smoke Recycling Program

Get Brand New Cartomizers for Your Old Ones

Introducing… The Green Smoke® Cartomizer Recycling Program Send us back your used cartomizers (flavored cartridges) – and we’ll send you a FREE pack of Brand New FlavorMax™ cartomizers! Joining the Green Smoke® Cartomizer Recycling Program is easy: • Fill a padded envelope or a small shipping box with 80 used cartomizers.• Call Customer Service (877-473-3676) to arrange for […]

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What’s Memorial Day without Your E-Cigarettes?!

Pretty boring, if you ask me. Because taking puff after puff of Green Smoke® electronic cigarettes, for instance, just adds so much fun and pleasure to the myriad of Memorial Day activities that we’ve been looking forward to all year! As you know the last Monday of May is a day to remember and pay tribute to […]

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“Help…I Don’t Know Which E-Cigarette Flavors to Choose!”

How many times have we heard this customer “complaint”? Okay, we agree. With its high smoke volume and rich thick flavor, with its unmatched smoking sensation and smokeless and odorless convenience, it’s pretty easy to choose Green Smoke® electronic cigarette over other brands. But choosing which e-cigarette flavors to try? Hmmm…not so easy. When Green Smoke® released […]

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Look Ma, No Smoke (or Smelly Ashtrays)!

There are many reasons to switch from traditional tobacco cigarettes to Green Smoke® electronic cigarettes. Because of its smokeless, odorless, and ash-less qualities…superior cartomizer technology…and incredibly rich flavors, Green Smoke® e-cigs are simply more convenient, more cost-effective, and more enjoyable than regular cigarettes. And for smokers with non-smoking families, it is definitely a friendlier alternative! Here’s why: […]

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May Day Celebrations

May Day: Spring Rites or Workers’ Rights?

May Day is observed as a national holiday in many countries, but what is its significance and relevance? It depends on who you ask! It’s either a celebration of spring with neo-pagan roots – or a commemoration of workers’ rights, a day of protests, rallies, and strikes. Whichever “version” of the holiday appeals to you, the two faces […]

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