What Are Monthly Refills?

Like most people today, you probably live a hectic, 24/7 life. Every day, it’s home…office…business meeting… shopping… catching up with friends…going to the gym…planning vacations etc, etc. So, while you LOVE smoking your Green Smoke® e-cigarettes, checking if you’ve run out of cartomizer refills is way down on your to-do-right-away list. What a real letdown, though, […]

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Enjoy the Sweet, Spicy Taste of Green Smoke’s Newest Exotic Flavor

Mountain Clove™ is the newest flavor in the Green Smoke line up. It brings the uniquely aromatic clove – a robust and popular spice – to smokers who want to enjoy a new, exotic taste experience. Clove – native to Indonesia and other south Asian countries – produces a uniquely warm, sweet-ish flavor. “Like this highly valued spice, Green […]

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Just Like the “Real Thing”! And 9 Other Reasons to Try E-Cigs

To date, millions (and counting!) have already switched from traditional cigarettes to e-cigs. Being an e-cigarette fan myself, I’ve recently gotten curious as to why these smokers have made the change. And judging from an informal survey of Green Smoke® e-cig-smoking family and friends, I’ve learned that while they all loved the smoking experience as […]

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What Do Dads Really Want on Father’s Day?

Giving the perfect Father’s Day gift isn’t easy. Face it: Ties are so predictable, cologne’ s tacky, and really good sports equipment like golf clubs probably above your pay grade. But hey – this is a really special guy and there’s only one day in the year (June 16) specifically set aside for you and […]

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Use a Green Smoke® Coupon Code and Enjoy Savings Right Now

Want to save on your Green Smoke® online buys – but can’t wait for the next sale? By using the Green Smoke® Coupon Code: 10offcoupon, you SAVE a significant 10% OFF your online purchase – whether you’re buying a cartomizer pack for yourself or indulging in several best-value Starter Kits to give as presents to […]

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What to Pack for a Summer Vacation

Hey, summer is here! And if you guys and gals are starting to plan your summer vacations, understand that any successful holiday starts with packing the right stuff – and that depends on where you’re going. For example, going to the beach or a ski resort would require different clothes, equipment, and supplies. Going camping […]

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