Smoking – What’s THE JOB Got to Do with It?

Plenty, it seems! Look, most working people spend at least one-third of their day on the job – an environment conducive to stress, and therefore smoking. Having said that, though, studies have shown that, when it comes to cigarette smoking rates among working adults, not all jobs or occupations are created equal! The most recent […]

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When Bad Things Happen to Good E-Cigs

Electronic cigarettes. They could have the best and widest flavor varieties, the most advanced technology, the most efficient distribution channels. But in spite of it all, stuff happens. And when bad things happen to good e-cigarettes, a quick, friendly, and knowledgeable customer service response can make a big difference! Take, for example, the folks at […]

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Green Smoke® – Only E-Cig Brand Awarded STELLA Seal of Excellence

Many online retailers provide what appears to be similar product offerings so for many customers it is customer service that’s often the deal maker – or breaker! Perhaps this is what has drawn millions of smokers to Green Smoke® e-cigarettes. Yes, there’s that unmatched flavor and sensational smoking experience that the brand is known for. […]

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6 Great Parks to Picnic in

For those of you who love summer and the outdoors, this should be your favorite month. That’s because National Parks and Recreation Month and National Picnic Month both happen in July! This glorious summer month is just the right time to celebrate the many positive things that parks bring to the neighborhood – from play […]

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An E-Cig Smoker’s Declaration of Independence

Happy Fourth of July greetings from America’s favorite electronic cigarette! Trivia fans, did you know: That the actual separation of the original 13 States from Great Britain actually happened on July 2nd, 1776 – when a resolution to that effect was approved by the US Congress? But “July 4, 1776” is the date that appears […]

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