Flying with E-Cigs

Flying with Your E-Cigs? 6 Tips for a Smooth Take-Off

The good news is, electronic cigarettes are “taking off”! More than 3.5 million smokers have switched to this smokeless and odorless alternative to traditional cigarettes (the Green Smoke brand is an example). But while these revolutionary products are welcome virtually anywhere, many airports and practically all airlines are not exactly holding up a welcome sign. The thing is, fliers […]

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12 E-Cig Cartridge Tips

12 Tips: Keeping Your E-Cig Cartridges in Top Shape

The way to a matchless e-cigarette experience is through an optimally working cartridge. Green Smoke® FlavorMax™ cartomizers (e-cig cartridges) come to you triple-sealed for locked-in freshness and flavor – and enhanced with the most advanced technologies to ensure long-lasting enjoyment. But to get maximum value out of your cartridge, it’s also critical to handle them with care – through […]

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Top 9 Things E-Cig Customers Want to Know!

In the course of fielding constant customer queries, Green Smoke’s award-winning customer service professionals have heard it all. However, there are some questions that come up again and again. It seems that electronic cigarette smokers – whatever their age, race, gender, or geographical location –generally have the same or similar concerns regarding their e-cigs. So we asked one of our […]

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Green Smoke® E-Cigarette Offers Holiday Gift Kit for $99.97

Looking for the perfect holiday gift for the smokers in your lives? Green Smoke, the leading brand of electronic cigarettes is offering a Christmas-themed Holiday Gift Kit for just $99.97. Company officials say it contains everything a smoker needs to enjoy the Green Smoke® e-cig experience – from cartomizers to chargers and carrying cases – […]

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Getting What You Pay For

In the 15th century, German philosopher and economist Gabriel Biel uttered what is today a very popular phrase: “You get what you pay for.” It generally means that if you pay well for a commodity, it’s more likely to be of good quality…and vice versa. At Green Smoke, part of our core beliefs is giving customers their money’s worth […]

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