Big Ideas for the Big Party

Five Big Ideas for the Big Game

Are you revving up for the biggest day of the year for NFL fans? Then you are like the millions of other people on this planet, some of whom are actually excited to watch a great game of American football. For the rest of the viewers, however, football’s ultimate championship game is just an excuse […]

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Martin Luther King Day

Martin Luther King, Jr.: 11 Facts That May Surprise You

Every third Monday of January, the entire country takes time off to honor the life of an American preacher, activist, and leader of the US Civil Rights Movement from the mid-50s until his assassination in 1968. But how much do we really know about Martin Luther King, Jr., the man and his life? We all know about his non-violent […]

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Snowstorm Survival Tips

6 Tips to Survive This Winter’s Snowstorms

How ready are you for a major winter storm? Thanks to the “polar vortex,” many parts of the country are struggling with record-breaking freezing weather, tons of snow, and wind chills way, way below zero. But people are not just facing single-digit, Arctic temperatures – or road closures, power knockouts, and other inconveniences. More critical […]

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Black E-Cig Battery

New Green Smoke Black Battery Customizes E-Cig Experience

Green Smoke’s e-cigarette customers have long been looking for a sleek black battery option – and now their wish has been granted. The leading brand of electronic cigarettes has just launched the latest addition to its popular Designer Battery line. The new Black “Nashville” Battery is yet another way the company helps personalize the e-cig experience and will appeal […]

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