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6 Reasons to Take a STAYcation


Fun in the sun. Margaritas by the pool. Romantic candlelit dinners. Relaxing spa treatments. Snapshots of my last vacation? Nope – they’re memories of my last STAYcation! Sure, a travelling vacation has its rewards – you discover new places, meet new people, and enjoy sometimes-life-changing new experiences. Indeed, the thought of vacationing in Hawaii, Greece, or more exotic locales is ...

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Roadmap to Romance: 10 Top Destinations

Top 10 Romantic Vacations

Love-struck travelers: Know which places in America lovers love most? Romantic destinations can be defined by many different criteria: a city or town’s lover-friendly features (How many brunch spots, wineries, or other romantic offerings?); ambiance, privacy, and access to couples-only activities;  the number of “romantic” restaurants the area hosts; and even the popularity of romantic products such as romance novels ...

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Gratitude 101: How to Master It and Reap Its Rewards

Learning Gratitude

Want to bolster productivity? Increase optimism? Improve resiliency? Step up your career? Strengthen relationships? In other words, how can you be happier and get more out of life? Learn, practice, and master the art of gratitude. Gratitude is an attitude and a critical life skill that pays all these dividends. Sadly, it is also a lost art in our age ...

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Vino for Vapers: A Wine and E-Cig Flavor Pairing Guide


A good bottle and a good e-cigarette – what could be better for savoring the moment?  In that spirit, we’d like to offer you a pairing menu, to help you enjoy your favorite Green Smoke® e-cigarette flavor with the most fitting wine. But with over 1,300 different types of wine out there – from Albarino to Zinfandel – how do ...

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Gmail Users: Are You Missing Out?

How to Use Gmail Tabs

Are you wondering why you haven’t heard about promotions from your favorite retail stores recently? Have you checked under your “Promotions” tab?” Maybe you’re not 100% sure what that is. That’s okay – if you want to know more, then read on! About one year ago, Gmail changed the interface of your inbox. Before May of 2013, Gmail users had ...

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Fun in the Sun: Top 10 Beach Vacations!

Beach Vacations

It’s almost summertime. Time to start planning your beach vacation. But where to go? Fortunately, the good ole USA has a wealth of diverse beaches – and one of them is right for your romantic getaway or last-minute downtime. Can you hear the ocean waves now? Feel the sun in your face and the sand between your toes? To help ...

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