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About Green Smoke


Welcome to Green Smoke’s E-Cig Lifestyle Blogs!

Green Smoke® electronic cigarette’s sensational flavors, incredibly rich, thick vapor volume, smooth, fluid airflow, and virtually odorless quality make it a vaping experience like no other. Add to that superior technology, excellent customer service, and generous warranties – and you know why Green Smoke is a leading brand in the industry.

Enjoy our blogs and learn more about our e-cigarettes and what makes them tick. Discover tips for making the most out of your e-cigs. Tricks for making them last longer. The latest news on flavors, customer rewards, and price discounts. Plus a look at the lifestyles of your fellow vapers – ideas, solutions, and more .

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Green Smoke LLC and its affiliates are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nu Mark LLC, an Altria Group company. Green Smoke was founded in 2008 and has operations in the United States and Israel. Green Smoke has sold e-vapor products since 2009.





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