Green Smoke’s Customer Service Team Makes a Bride’s Day

June 26 was going to be a big day for John and Diane – one’s wedding day usually is. The flowers were ordered, the caterer paid, invitations sent out…yet it seemed like the list of things to do was actually increasing instead of decreasing! Diane had also made a decision. She absolutely did not want […]

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The Story of Our Designer Batteries…

Ok we’ll admit it, we’re really excited about our new designer batteries. Last month when the first shipment came to the office, everyone was amazed by them. The next step was to name them. We only had a few short weeks before we were launching them and we need to think up names, and fast! […]

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choosing an electronic cigarette starter kit

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Green Smoke Starter Kit

One question a lot of our customers ask is “which starter kit should I choose?” It’s a big decision, particularly if you’ve never smoked electronic cigarettes before. How many batteries do I need? Which flavor cartomizer should I get? What’s the deal with the accessories? I’m going to run you through a few things that will help […]

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Free Electronic Cigarette

Want Free Electronic Cigarette Refills? Here are 3 Ways to Get ‘em

Important Announcement: We’re happy to let you know that we now offer a FREE TRIAL and you can get one of our leading electronic cigarettes FOR FREE! Click Here to find out how you can take advantage of this exclusive offer. Which smoker wouldn’t want to get free electronic cigarette refills? I’ll be the first to tell you that […]

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E-Cigarette Battery Problems? 3 Tips to Boost Performance

Remember the days when everything ran on AA, C and D batteries? You’d replace the batteries in your device (which normally required up to 6 to run) and then within a day your device would drain all of the power and you’d need to replace the batteries again. It was expensive, created a lot of […]

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Feel Great About What You Smoke

How to Boost Your Productivity While Smoking

  Smokers go through a lot. They can’t ride on public transportation with their cigarette They can’t go into a restaurant with their cigarette. They can’t go into a bar with their cigarette. And of course they can’t work in the office with their cigarette. They need to exit the building and smoke outside. A […]

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8 Things to Consider When Choosing an Electronic Cigarette

Electronic cigarettes are rapidly becoming the cigarette of choice for many smokers today. They can be smoked in many places traditional cigarettes are banned, and smokers don’t have to worry about cigarette odors, cigarette breath, or ash. But all electronic cigarettes are not created equal. Here are 8 things you should consider when choosing an […]

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Smoking Electronic Cigarettes in a Smoke-Free Apartment

New York City. The city that never sleeps. It’s also a city that has set up some big hurdles for smokers. This past May, New York City passed a law that forbade smoking in almost every public area in the city – including public parks. This posed a big problem for smokers, who already weren’t […]

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Exploding E-Cigs

E-Cig Mods: Cheaper Way to Smoke or Dangerous?

Electronic cigarettes have been around for a number of years now and while there are a number of reputable companies, there is a sub-culture that has also sprung up where users create their own modified electronic cigarettes or e-cig “mods”. Smoking electronic cigarettes is one of most affordable ways to smoke. By creating e-cig mods, […]

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The Number 6

6 Reasons Why Electronic Cigarettes are Superior to Traditional Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are rapidly becoming the cigarette of choice for smokers. Designed to create the look and feel of traditional cigarettes, these electronic counterparts are rapidly being used by more and more smokers. Here are 6 reasons why electronic cigarettes are superior to traditional cigs: 1. Flavor: When electronic cigarettes originally hit the market, one […]

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