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Disconnect to Re-Connect

Disconnect Article | Hit the Beach

Disconnect from Tech, Re-Connect with Yourself From the second your alarm goes off in the morning, you’re bombarded by technology. Whether it’s your alarm clock blaring, or your boss’s first phone call before 8 AM, chances are you’ll spend the next 15 hours or so staring at a screen. But it’s no secret that while technology often makes our lives ...

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Customer Review Breakdown | Infographic

Customer Review Breakdown

Our passion is listening to our customers. Check out the following infographic — a visual representation of the reviews you, our customers, have written at (from January 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015). Find out: How many five-star reviews did we get? Which flavor blend got mentioned the most in our five-star reviews? Which adjectives are used the most ...

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Anatomy of an E-Cigarette

Anatomy of an E-Cig Thumbnail

Did you ever ask yourself "What is an e-cig?", "How do e-cigs work?" or "What makes the vapor in an e-cig?" E-vapor use is growing steadily, but a staggering number of those vapers are "in the dark," so to speak, about what's really going on inside. Well, the truth is, what's happening inside is actually quite fascinating, you don't need ...

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The Journey of an E-Cig

Journey of an E-Cig

You place an order. A few days later your cartridges arrive. But what happened in between? Have you ever wondered about the journey your e-cig takes as it travels from us to you? Take a look at this nifty infographic to find out all about the e-cig journey from being ordered, packed, picked up, transported, delivered, and enjoyed. This journey ...

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Celebrate Earth Day Through Savings!

Celebrate Earth Day Through Savings

Green Smoke® E-Vapor presents, in a stunning Earth Day infographic, a few simple and straightforward ways to save energy, save water, save time, and save money. Check it out so you can start celebrating Earth Day through savings. Save energy by switching to compact fluorescent light bulbs, using ceiling fans, and opening your windows. Save water by fixing leaks, turning ...

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Green Green Everywhere

Green Green Everywhere!

Precious Minerals to Human Innovation… How many greens make up our world? Have a look at our infographic and see the progression of green from pigment-producing minerals and sparkling gems through plants, animals, and more. What’s your favorite hue? Want to add more Green Smoke® e-vapor to your life? Shop e-cigs now. As always, feel free to contact our Customer Care ...

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Behind the Scenes of the New Green Smoke® Video


The new video for Green Smoke® e-vapor is a dynamic montage of a typical Green Smoke® vaper as he goes through his busy day, explaining what makes Green Smoke® great, to everyone he meets. This friendly guy seems to know everyone. Everywhere he goes he helps people understand what he loves about vaping Green Smoke® e-cigs. Aaron, the Creative Manager ...

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Vapedia Part 2: Weights and Measures


Vapedia, Part 1 explored acronyms to have you talking about vaping with confidence. Part 2 will de-mystify some technology and measurement lingo. These concepts are the underpinnings of the know-how that went into creating the fabulously smooth and predictable Green Smoke® vaping experience you have come to love.   Acronym What It Stands for What It Means IMR I = ...

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Choosing an Electronic Cigarette

7 Things to Consider

All e-cigarettes are not created equal. Here are seven things to consider when choosing an electronic cigarette: 1. Flavor: Let’s face it, you can certainly use any e-cig you want, but the ones that you’ll enjoy are the ones with great flavor. You might find that you like to change your flavor blend to match your mood or that you want ...

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Check Out Our New Video

“With this full-bodied flavor…” Just how do you give new flavor to your day? Watch our latest video and find out. You might catch yourself humming along.

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