Johnny Depp and the Electronic Cigarette – And the Winner is… The Tourist

While the 2010 thriller film, The Tourist, took a major blow at the 2011 Golden Globe awards, coming home without a single win, electronic cigarette smokers would surely name The Tourist “Movie of the Year.” E-smokers really don’t care that the box office sees the movie as a slight disappointment with an estimated $64 million domestic and $164 million wolrdwide, so far. And why should we?  As far as we are concerned, The Tourist‘s portrayal of the electronic cigarette is the magical Hollywood breakthrough we’ve been waiting for.

In the last 6 weeks, the sight of Johnny Depp smoking the e-cigarette in the The Tourist, has been the talk of the town amongst e-smokers. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, you can find the popular e-cigarette video clip all over the web. That image of Johnny Depp’s character sitting on the train puffing away at his e-cigarette will be forever ingrained in the minds of e-smokers around the globe.

So why all the buzz? The Tourist’s e-cigarette appearance was the opportunity that the electronic cigarette industry has been eagerly awaiting. What better way to bring e-cigarettes into the public eye, then to feature it in a popular Hollywood movie?

And The Tourist is not just any movie. With $100 million production costs and starring Angolina Jolie and Johnny Depp, the world of e-cigarettes couldn’t have asked for more. Let’s face it, the drop-dead-gorgeous Angolina Jolie and super-hot Johnny Depp are the perfect couple to bring on a new trend.

Not only that, but the electronic cigarette played a major role in the film, as Johnny Depp’s character, Frank Tupelo, was shown with the e-cigarette in several scenes, and even explained about the e-cigarette as part of his dialogue. He’s even shown e-smoking with no complaints against him on a crowded train, in the company of Angolina Jolie’s character, Elise Clifton-Ward – clearly portraying that electronic cigarettes do not emit offensive smoke odors and are socially acceptable, even in the company of very beautiful women.

So while critics may say that The Tourist lacks plot and that the two super stars did not manage to bring in as many moviegoers as anticipated, perhaps those trend-setting e-cigarette moments are what made the whole $100 million production most worthwhile.

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