Oscar 2011 Nominee For Best Motion Picture “Black Swan” Review

Black Swan Movie Review

The movie “Black Swan, starring Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis and Vincent Cassel has been nominated for an Oscar for Best Motion Picture, along with Oscars for various individual achievement categories.

“Black Swan” is rated R for strong sexual content, disturbing violent images, language and some drug use.

Black Swan Movie Review

This film is a dark film that has great artistic style and flair. The film depicts a wild mixture of personalities, visuals and nightmares, and the result is profound.

Natalie Portman plays Nina, a professional ballet dancer who works hard to be successful and obtain the lead role. When Beth, the lead dancer in her company, has to retire, Nina finally gets to audition for the lead role Swan Lake. The White and Black Swans are to be played by the same ballerina in this production of Swan Lake. Thomas, the director, tells Nina that she is a natural for the role of the elegant White Swan, but lacks the sensuality required to play the Black Swan. Nina understands that she must play along with Thomas’ sexual advances in order to obtain the lead role.

Nina succeeds in getting the lead role and is named the Swan Queen. The pressure builds up and overwhelms her. Her mother, a former ballerina herself, keeps close tabs on her, but Nina keeps an eye on Lily, the ballerina competing with her for the lead role. Lily is everything Thomas imagines the Black Swan to be, and that frustrates Nina as she rehearses to no end but cannot achieve that level of performance. Nina becomes obsessed with her performance and achieving perfection. The closer it gets to opening night, Nina begins to torture herself through her obsession. She becomes increasingly disturbed and dangerous, and finds herself in a very dark place.

The character development in “Black Swan” is amazing, as within minutes, the audience knows Nina inside and out. Watching her develop, one gets a sense of the terrible events that are likely to occur. She starts out seeming like an innocent and naive young dancer trying to achieve her dream, but as the movie progresses the viewer is exposed to an inner turmoil raging within.

Nina, played by Portman, is the main role in the movie, and she does a fantastic job. Thomas, the director, comes off as a caring teacher who is concerned for the welfare, and the success of his young protégé, while at the same time he takes advantage of her by putting pressure on her with his endless advances. Lily also seems to care about helping Nina progress, yet her mere presence is a growing threat to Nina, and plays a role in causing Nina to eventually crack

Black Swan is an artistic film with dark energy. It plays off the troubled mind of a young woman who wants to do her best to succeed but is held back by her own demons. The drama of Nina’s relationships and emotional development gives the viewer the sensation of not really knowing what is happening and what is going to happen next. This makes Black Swan a movie that hurts to watch, as you feel Nina suffering throughout and with every success her suffering increases, but you just can’t stop watching.

Black Swan deserved it’s nomination in all the categories in which it placed, and will definitely be a strong contender for the Oscar award!

Black Swan Smoking Scene

At one point in the film, Nina is sitting in the studio alone, crying, when she suddenly hears someone behind her. When she asks who is there in the shadows, Lily comes out, putting a cigarette in her mouth. Nina tells her smoking is not allowed in the studio, to which Lily replies “Well, I won’t tell if you won’t.” They sit and talk, and Lily hands Nina a cigarette for herself as well, and they continue to smoke.

I might point out that if they had been smoking Green Smoke electric cigarettes they would have been able to smoke in the studio without feeling like they were breaking any rules, and without sulking around keeping a secret.
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