How Do I Take This Cord Off My Electronic Cigarette Battery?

For the past year, all Green Smoke® starter kits have shipped with a great accessory, our USB cigarette.

The USB cigarette looks just like our regular electronic cigarette battery, but instead of having a battery cell inside, they draw power directly from your computer’s USB port (or our wall or car adapter, but more on that in a minute…).

When we got a call from a customer asking how she could remove the cord from her “battery”, we knew we needed to explain a little about what the USB cigarette  is and its true value to Green Smoke customers.

The USB Cigarette is a great way to enjoy your cigarette:

1)      At work, or any other time you’re next to your computer

2)      If your rechargeable electronic cigarette batteries are charging

All you need to do is plug it into your computer’s USB port and you’ll enjoy the same smoking experience as our regular batteries.

In our Pro Kit and Ultimate Kit we ship 2 high-powered adapters – a car adapter and a wall adapter. These adapters can both be used with your USB cigarette.

Simply plug the wall adapter into a wall outlet, plug in the USB Cigarette and you’re ready to go.

Same thing for the car adapter. Plug the adapter into the power port of your car, plug in the USB cigarette and enjoy. It’s important not to use the USB cigarette while driving because it could very easily get tangled in your arms and affect your ability to steer. It should only be used by a passenger or when the car is parked.


The USB cigarette is also a great thing to have in the office. You’ll be able to sit there, smoking your USB cigarette at your desk, and all of the other smokers will watch you with envy – especially when they need to take a break from work to go outside and smoke.

The USB cigarette has all of the regular benefits of Green Smoke® electronic cigarettes, like the fact that they emit no cigarette smell and can be smoked in places cigarettes are usually banned (as long as you have a power source).

So just to reiterate, the cord on the USB cigarette is supposed to be there (don’t try taking it off!), and it gives you a great way to enjoy your electronic cigarette when you’re not able to smoke the regular rechargeable batteries (or anytime you’re near a power source).

So plug it in, and inhale. Enjoy!

If you’re new the Green Smoke electronic cigarettes, we’re currently offering a limited Free Trial offer where you can get a USB cigarette and 3 cartomizers for FREE. Click here to get it.


3 Responses to “How Do I Take This Cord Off My Electronic Cigarette Battery?”

  1. Steven says:

    Although this was a lesson learned for the customer it could also be a suggestion for Green Smoke to modify its USB pass-through ecig. Along with my Green Smoke I also enjoy another brand e-cig and they manufacture a USB pass-through where the connection onto the battery end is detachable through means of mini-USB, therefore it can be used while attached to USB and/or AC/DC power sources and will charge the battery while doing so. When detached it works like a regular battery, so in essence it gives the best of both worlds. Maybe something for Green Smoke to consider.

  2. gavin says:

    Thanks for the suggestion Steven. I’ll pass it on to the higher ups.

  3. Roger Taht says:

    Ha that is funny because the first time I saw this I was like what the heck is this. I do not use it often, but it does come in handy once in awhile, when I am charging up a battery to take with me and need a smoke before I head out. I always want mine fully charged for the day.

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