What’s Memorial Day without Your E-Cigarettes?!

Pretty boring, if you ask me. Because taking puff after puff of Green Smoke® electronic cigarettes, for instance, just adds so much fun and pleasure to the myriad of Memorial Day activities that we’ve been looking forward to all year!

As you know the last Monday of May is a day to remember and pay tribute to all of those who have fallen while serving our country.

It is also known as the unofficial start of the summer season, a time to celebrate life, break out of the winter blahs, and dive right into the joy of summer. Because of e-cigarettes’ unique qualities, they fit right into the scheme of a great Memorial Day weekend, whether you are:

Hitting the beach

Enjoy the sun and sea without littering the pristine white sands with cigarette waste. Green Smoke® e-cigarettes don’t burn and therefore produce no ash or cigarette butts. Here’s the thing with e-cigs: You don’t have to damage the planet in order to enjoy the pleasures of smoking – the full-flavored taste, the exceptionally high smoke volume, the enjoyable and genuine smoking sensation.

Doing a backyard BBQ

Who needs to compete with all that smoke coming from your grill? “Smoke” and enjoy your Green Smoke® e-cigarettes without actually emitting smoke and the unpleasant odor accompanying it. That “smoke” you see when you take a puff of your e-cig is not real smoke, but vapor produced when the innovatively designed device’s long-lasting battery heats the cartomizer.

Enjoying a dinner cruise

Mmmm…can anything be more satisfying than ending a great meal with your favorite Green Smoke® ecig flavor while watching the twinkling lights on the harbor? But which flavor to choose from among so many? Cool Menthol Ice? Freshly roasted coffee-like Mocha Mist? Sweet and creamy Vanilla Dreams? Rich and sensual Smooth Chocolate? Or any of those three robust tobacco flavors – Absolute Tobacco, Red Label Tobacco, or Tobacco Gold? Green Smoke® e-cigs are available in all these incredibly rich flavors – and in a wide range of nicotine strengths!

Watching sports

The thing with smoking smoke-less and odor-less electronic cigarettes is that you don’t have to interrupt your life just to have a puff. For example, with Green Smoke® e-cigs, you don’t have to leave an exciting game (and miss the final score!) just because you have to smoke. Take out your fully-charged e-cig, inhale as you would a traditional cigarette, and enjoy! With neither smoke nor odor coming from your ecigarette, your fellow sports fans won’t even give you a second glance.

Sightseeing or going on road trips

Green Smoke® e-cigarette is a great traveling companion simply because of its long-lasting yet rechargeable batteries and its replaceable cartomizers. Battery out of power? Simply recharge it using your car adapter. Cartomizer depleted? No need to look for a store (like you would with traditional cigarettes). Just unscrew it from the battery and replace with a fresh cartomizer (cartomizers come in five-per-pack packages). Staying put or on the go, enjoy a matchless smoking experience!


You can shop till you drop on Memorial Day because Green Smoke® electronic cigarettes give you more smoke for your money. And ultimately, puts more greenbacks back in your pocket or in your shopping budget! Green Smoke’s innovative cartomizer technology is designed to maximize flavor and provides one of the highest smoke volumes in the industry, i.e., 25% more vapor than other brands. This gives you up to 360 puffs of full-flavored enjoyment from each cartomizer – comparable to about 1.5 packs of traditional cigarettes.

Going to movie nights, parties, or other indoor fun activities

Memorial Day is for having fun – not for doing chores the morning after! So if you’re hanging out indoors, encourage your smoker friends to make it a Green Smoke® e-cig party. No ashtrays to clean, cigarette butts to sweep away, ash to vacuum off carpets, or smelly sheets, curtains, or upholstery to dry clean! Plus, your hair, clothes, and home won’t end up smelling like a chimney!

So how are you spending your Memorial Day weekend? Whatever you’re doing, have a great one…and happy vaping.

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  1. mini vape says:

    I am confused by this bill, e-cigs, which are safe, no second hand smoke or smell, was created so that smokers could live life normally without affecting others, Now what is the point of an e-cig if you can’t use it in places you can’t use cigs?

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