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Revealed: 4 Unexpected Places to Enjoy E-Cigarettes!


Vaping in the LibraryElectronic cigarettes, like Green Smoke® e-cigarettes, are one of the best things that’s ever happened to people who love to take a puff and enjoy the great flavors and rich, thick vapors – all the while leaving no offensive odor, ash, or cigarette butts behind. Because this means they can enjoy “vaping” outdoors and indoors without annoying non-vapers. Out on a date? You can take a puff when you feel like it. Working? Vape in between tasks – no unpleasant smell to bother your colleagues. Chilling at home? Go ahead and vape – your surroundings will stay clean and clear of ash or cigarette butts.


But, are those places really the only ones where you can use your e-cigarettes? Just for fun, I’d like to bring you some of the unusual (and fun) places e-cigarettes can be enjoyed.

Dave: In the Boardroom, during the Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer’s Report is one part of a business meeting agenda that can make you nervous. So, just to relax, I slipped out one of my Green Smoke® e-cigs and took a puff. And then another. My CEO raised his eyebrows, but promptly brought them back down when I showed him my e-cigarette and whispered, “It’s vapor!” Got a lot of colleagues asking about electronic cigarettes that day.

Monica: In the Library, with the Librarian Glaring at Me

OK. I’m not one to be a trouble-maker. I’m a Green Smoke® e-cigarette fan, mainly because I know it’s OK to vape it indoors! But I once found myself in our local library on the eve of a term paper deadline and wanting very much to use my e-cigs. So I did. Discretely. But not discretely enough, I guess, because I soon felt the glare of the librarian. So I showed her my Green Smoke® member card. Explained quite a bit. As soon as she understood, she had no problem with me continuing to enjoy my e-cigarette.

Audrey: At the Opera, after a Climactic Scene

I’m an enthusiast of both opera and electronic cigarettes so it’s no surprise that I found myself in a situation involving both! I don’t normally vape in theaters, but this one tenor’s performance was so overwhelming that I found myself reaching for my Green Smoke® e-cigs just to take a break. No unpleasant odor, no ash, so no big deal. Except for that tiny green light at the tip, the people around me were none the wiser.

Josh: At Thanksgiving Dinner with My Future In-Laws

Meeting your future in-laws in just the time to appear calm, cool, and collected. So between dessert and coffee, I nonchalantly got out my Green Smoke® e-cigarette and took a puff – much to the horror of my fiancee’s parents! I patiently explained how electronic cigarettes emit no offensive odor or ash – and even let them try it. Suffice it to say, they’re still my in-laws!

So where’s YOUR favorite (or unexpected) place to enjoy your electronic cigarette? Leave a comment below if you have a fun story to tell!

*The stories above are for illustration purposes only, based on real-life stories from e-cigarette smokers.