Revealed: 4 Unexpected Places to Enjoy E-Cigarettes!

Vaping in the LibraryThe advent of electronic cigarettes has brought this great piece of news to the smoking community – NO SMOKING areas are virtually a thing of the past! Die-hard smokers looking for alternatives have found reason to celebrate with Green Smoke® e-cigarettes – which provide the same look, taste, feel, and smoking sensations as traditional cigarettes. Only better. Because they provide a rich, flavored vapor, rather than smoke, there’s no ash, odor, or cigarette butts to speak of.

That’s why you can enjoy Green Smoke® e-cigarettes just about anywhere you want. With e-cigs, pretty much every area IS a “smoking” area, including pubs, bars, clubs, restaurants, trains, subways, taxis, office buildings, and most any indoor locations. This not only offers convenience, but enhances your social life as well. You no longer have to interrupt dates, meetings, or other activities just to “step out for a smoke”.

But, are those places really the only ones where you can use your e-cigarettes? Just for fun, I’d like to bring you some of the unusual (and fun) places e-cigarettes can be enjoyed.

Dave: In the Boardroom, during the Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer’s Report is one part of a business meeting agenda that can make you nervous. So, just to relax, I slipped out one of my Green Smoke® e-cigs and took a puff. And then another. My CEO raised his eyebrows, but promptly brought them back down when I showed him my e-cigarette and whispered, “No smoke!” Got a lot of colleagues asking about electronic cigarettes that day.

Monica: In the Library, with the Librarian Glaring at Me

OK. I’m not one to be a trouble-maker. I’m a Green Smoke® e-cigarette fan, mainly because I can get to smoke it pretty much anywhere I want without committing a federal offence! So I just wanted to know how far I could push the boundaries. And what do you know, I found myself in our local library on the eve of a term paper deadline and wanting very much to smoke my e-cigs. So I did. Discretely. But not discretely enough, I guess, because I soon felt the glare of the librarian. So I showed her my Green
Smoke® member card. Explained quite a bit. As soon as she understood, she had no problem with me continuing to enjoy my e-cigarette.

Audrey: At the Opera, after a Climactic Scene

I’m an enthusiast of both opera and electronic cigarettes so it’s no surprise that I found myself in a situation involving both! I don’t normally smoke in theaters, but this one tenor’s performance was so overwhelming that I found myself reaching for my Green Smoke® e-cigs just to relax and bring down the tension a bit. No smoke, no odor, so no big deal. Except for that tiny red light at the tip, the people around me were none the wiser.

Josh: At Thanksgiving Dinner with My Future In-Laws

Is there a more stressful situation for a young guy in love than to meet his future in-laws at dinner? Of course, I tried to appear calm, cool, and collected. So between dessert and coffee, I nonchalantly got out my Green Smoke® e-cigarette and took a puff – much to the horror of my fiancee’s crazily anti-smoking parents! I patiently explained how electronic cigarettes are just like regular cigarettes – just better – and even let them try it. Suffice it to say, they’re still my in-laws!

So where’s YOUR favorite (or unexpected) place to enjoy your electronic cigarette? Leave a comment below if you have a fun story to tell!

*The stories above are for illustration purposes only, based on real-life stories from e-cigarette smokers.

2 Responses to “Revealed: 4 Unexpected Places to Enjoy E-Cigarettes!”

  1. PeteC says:

    I am not one to rattle others, and generally, I vape mostly reserved to places that I would have smoked before. However, at my office, I enjoy a vape-break when there are no clients present (work with young adult applicants). Both of my co-workers are non-smokers, one is extremely anti-smoking. After explaining the Green Smoke ecig to them, they both now are totally relaxed with me vaping, even when we are casually sitting around discussing office matters together. They say that they can just barely, if at all, catch a very tiny bit of aroma, but not enough to bother them at all.

    As I like to say “Little Victories!”

  2. Michael says:

    How about: 5) In bed? This article says that e-cigs can actually improve the state of bedroom affairs … worth a try? ;)

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