Electronic Cigarette Dos and Don’ts

Smoke Almost AnywhereElectronic cigarettes from Green Smoke, Inc. offer a deeply satisfying smoking experience. Many people who move up from regular cigarettes, use Green Smoke® electronic cigarettes exclusively; while others smoke a bit of both, but appreciate the social advantages of e-cigarettes. Whether you are a heavy or casual e-cigarette user, these guidelines will help you get the most out of our products.

Do try the wide variety of flavors that Green Smoke, Inc. offers. Many people try one flavor and stick with it. That’s too bad. There might be another flavor that they’ll like even more! So be sure to check out all of our sensational signature flavors.

Don’t let your battery die while smoking. Even if you can still get some energy out of your battery, if it is not properly charged, the flavor could suffer. So use a charged battery or a USB cigarette for thick vapor volume and flavor.

Do sign up for the Monthly Refills Program so you won’t run out of FlavorMax™ cartomizers (and save up to 25% on each order). Signing up is simple, just choose the number of packs, the flavors, and the nicotine levels you want and click on the purple “add to cart” button when checking out. Our Monthly Refills Program will automatically send out your order (until you cancel) saving you precious time and money.

Don’t overcharge your batteries. Once you see that the battery light has turned green, your battery is charged and should be removed from the USB charger. Leaving the battery on for too long can reduce the lifespan of your e-cig so it’s best not to leave it charging overnight.

Do make sure it is alright with management before you use your e-cig in enclosed places (such as offices, cafeterias, stores, etc.). If someone complains because they think it is a real cigarette, you’ll have management on your side because they’ve already given you permission to use it!

Don’t let smoking interfere with your lifestyle. Take back your freedom with Green Smoke® electronic cigarettes.

5 Responses to “Electronic Cigarette Dos and Don’ts”

  1. Janice Watkins says:

    My husband has been a satisfied GreenSmoke customer. He appreciates the variety of flavors and strengths. There have been a few problems with battery life, but GreenSmoke customer service has promptly replaced them without question. He is very happy with the GreenSmoke experience and has recommended the oroduct to many friends and relatives.

  2. crystal says:

    would love for you to bring back the strawberry flavor. love to try it!!!!

  3. peggy stipes says:

    i am very happy wth my green smoke cigarette. i boought the started set for my son and his wife and then covinced my sister to get hers. we all love them

  4. nicocure says:

    Great article, e-cigs are such a great alternative to smoking!

  5. Rajeev says:

    I started off with a Very local e-cigarette which was worthless. I thought that it was a wasted stuff untill i recently came across one of your product at a friends place. I should say i was impressed by the results.

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