12 Tips: Keeping Your E-Cig Cartridges in Top Shape

12 E-Cig Cartridge Tips

The way to a matchless e-cigarette experience is through an optimally working cartridge. Green Smoke® FlavorMax™ cartomizers (e-cig cartridges) come to you triple-sealed for locked-in freshness and flavor – and enhanced with the most advanced technologies to ensure long-lasting enjoyment. But to get maximum value out of your cartridge, it’s also critical to handle them with care – through correct usage, proper storage, damage prevention, and other measures. Here are just 13 ways to do it:

1. Use them correctly.. For example, do not attempt to blow into the cartomizer or exhale into it at all, if possible.

2. Store them properly. When not vaping, unscrew the cartomizers from the battery and store them in your specially designed Green Smoke® carrying case. Also, because a cartomizer has an air pathway from one side to the other, store it on its side to minimize the chance of the vapor liquid pooling to either side. And in between uses, seal the cartomizers with the original sealants.

3. Keep them dry. Store unused cartomizers in a dry (under 75ºF) place. If the temperature in your home is above 75ºF, you can keep the cartomizers in the door of your refrigerator. Be sure to let the cartomizers warm up for at least 30 minutes (until they reach room temperature) before using them – they may damage your batteries if they are colder than room temperature.

4. Keep them fresh. Use each cartomizer within one week of opening for maximum freshness.

5. Do not refill. Do not refill Green Smoke® cartomizers – they are not intended for refilling.

6. Take a long, slow drag. Shorter puffs will decrease vapor production – so each drag should last about 3-4 seconds. Be sure to inhale as you puff.

7. Take just enough puffs. Use one cartomizer per smoking session that would be comparable to smoking one cigarette. Ten to 15 puffs with five seconds between each puff would do it.

8. Alternate cartomizers if necessary. Do this if you are taking more than 15 puffs at a time, to enable the liquid inside the cartomizer to disperse evenly.

9. Stop using a hot cartomizer … until it cools down.

10. Check how much you’re using.  Count how many puffs you’re taking – you may realize that you are smoking a lot more than you thought. Remember, every 12 puffs (approximately) is equivalent to a cigarette.

11. Stop using if there’s a “burnt” taste. Stop using the cartomizer if you detect a burnt taste as this indicates the cartomizer is finished.

12. Prevent liquid seepage. Do not leave the cartomizer in your mouth between draws. Natural breathing may cause liquid to be pushed from cartomizer to battery which could cause damage.

4 Responses to “12 Tips: Keeping Your E-Cig Cartridges in Top Shape”

  1. Ross says:

    Great tips for keeping my e-cig protected. I actually didn’t know some on the list.


  2. Billy Reeves says:

    Best e-cig on the market.


  3. Pam says:

    As it seems like a cartridge is only equivalent to about 1/2 pack of cigarettes, maybe these tips will make it last longer. How about some battery charge life extender tips, too.

  4. Nicole says:

    Hi Pam,
    Thank you for writing in. Check out our post: 3 Tips to Boost Performance for recommendations on getting the most out of your e-cigarette batteries.

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