20 Reasons to Smoke Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes

Looking for a reason to smoke a Green Smoke electric cigarette? Here are 20 reasons:

  1. No social stigmas
  2. Fresh atomizer in every cartridge
  3. The nicotine pad is built into cartridge, meaning you never need to touch it, and it never leaks.
  4. Easy to use and maintain
  5. Smoke in many no-smoking zones
  6. No more smoker’s breath
  7. No ash
  8. No fire hazard
  9. Each Green Smoke cartridge is comparable to about 20 cigarettes.
  10. Produces a smoke-like vapor instead of smoke
  11. Can save hundreds of dollars by switching to Green Smoke from traditional cigarettes.
  12. Non – intrusive
  13. Variety of accessories available.
  14. High electronic cigarette vapor volume
  15. Provides an authentic smoking experience
  16. Best customer service
  17. Save up to 45% compared to traditional cigarettes
  18. Free shipping for orders over $25.


One Response to “20 Reasons to Smoke Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes”

  1. Mary Ann says:

    I love my Green Smoke and as a new user had no hesitation in “lighting up” in my non smoking hotel this weekend. Uh oh! Big mistake? I find a $250 “smoking fee” on my bill, I have written to the Hotel to have the fee removed and to educate them on the pros of Green Smoke. Perhaps I should have informed the check in desk I would be using my Green Smoke electronic cigarette in my room….however, I hope this issue will be resolved in my favor. I will keep you up to date on the outcome.

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