Are All E-Cigarettes Created Equal?

Rechargeable EcigarettesOne of the recurring questions that electronic cigarette smokers – whether newbies or long-time fans –ask us is this: “What are the differences between disposable, rechargeable, and USB e cigarettes? And how do I know which one is best for me?”

Okay, let us unravel this mystery. But first and foremost, it needs to be said that, at least in the case of Green Smoke® e-cigarettes, all three types of e-cigs deliver the exact same benefits to “e-smokers”. Whichever type of Green Smoke® e-cig you choose to buy, you get the same flavor-maximizing cartomizer technology… the same exceptionally high smoke volume comparable to that of 1.5 packs of traditional cigarettes…the same smooth, genuine smoking sensation.

But here lies the difference: While the disposable, rechargeable, and USB e-cigarettes each present individual pros and cons, each is an ideal option for specific types of e-cig smokers. For example:

Disposable e-cigs – for first-time “vapers”

Disposable electronic cigarettes are a great way to start your e-cig experience. They’re the most affordable option – cheaper even than starter kits. So if you’re a newbie who’s still trying to decide whether e-cigarettes are for you, there’s no better choice than this most economical alternative! What’s more, smoking a disposable electronic cigarette is uncannily like using a traditional cigarette: Same shape and lightweight size. No assembly, battery-charging, or cartridge-refilling required so you can enjoy it right out of the box. Transportable and highly convenient – just use it for a few days and discard when finished. Yes, just like traditional cigarettes, only better. Because there’s no ash, odor, smoke, or the other inconvenient hassles of tobacco cigarettes.

Rechargeable e-cigs – for those who prefer long-term savings

For those who are committed to stay with an e-cigarette lifestyle – but want to enjoy the most cost- effective option – rechargeable e-cigs are the way to go. For example, Green Smoke®’s rechargeable electronic cigarettes offer more than just full-bodied flavor, high smoke volume, and no-ash, no-odor, no-smoke convenience. They also save you thousands of dollars a year when compared to
traditional cigarettes. Long-lasting batteries low on charge? Just recharge and reuse over and over again. Cartomizer out of flavor? Simply throw it away (or recycle it) and replace with a fresh one. Green Smoke®’s rechargeable e-cigs come in kits with several pieces, including batteries and cartomizers that you have to screw together, and wall/car/USB chargers. Not as simple as the one-piece disposables, but similarly convenient. And don’t forget, rechargeable e-cigs come in several flavor options and nicotine strengths.

USB e-cigs – for those who like “staying power”

Don’t want to miss one second of e-cigarette enjoyment – whether you’re working at your desk, playing video games, driving your car, or sitting in a café? Then, you’ll want a USB-powered rechargeable electronic cigarette! The Green Smoke® USB e-cig has a long cord with a USB plug attached to it – ready to plug into your laptop, desktop, tablet, gaming console, car or wall adapter. That means you can keep your e-cigarette battery powered continuously and enjoy vaping whenever and wherever you want to.
USB e-cig fans love its handiness, battery-life-saving capability, and lightweight and unobtrusive cord.

If you’ve already decided to transition to electronic cigarettes, we congratulate you on a smart decision. Know that Green Smoke® e-cigarettes has a variety of options to fit every e-smoker’s needs…and whatever stage of the e-cig experience you’re in.

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