How Do You Burn Calories? Count the Ways! Part 2

Summer is practically gone. But just because it’s no longer beach or pool season does not mean you have to lose your resolve to look good and feel great. Keeping healthy by burning calories and maintaining the ideal weight should be a year-long (even life-long) habit.

Not an exercise buff, you say? Well, the good news is, calorie-burning activities aren’t limited to gym rats, sporty types, or other enthusiasts of physical activity. Fact is, wherever your interests may lie, you’ll probably find a great calorie-burning “regimen” that’s beneficial as well as enjoyable!

Handy with home repair and maintenance?

From caulking to carpentry, from roofing to raking leaves, from sanding floors to shoveling snow, from weeding to washing windows…all these seemingly dull and repetitive activities surprisingly burn a significant amount of calories! For example, a mere 15 minutes of outdoor painting, gutter cleaning, or caulking burn about 68 calories. Of course, the more “heavy lifting” the job and the longer you do it, the more calories you burn: 340 calories with one hour of intensive carpentry (like building a fence); 238 calories with an hour of carpet laying/removal, car washing/waxing, or fence painting.

Love to volunteer?

Okay, volunteering involves no really heavy-duty calorie-burning activities (unless you’re helping build a house). Nevertheless, it’s good to know that while you’re doing something for others, you’re also doing something for yourself! Most volunteering involves light office duties like typing and answering phones, playing with kids, taking care of the elderly, etc. No surprise that an hour of playing actively with kids – and walking and running vigorously with them – burns 272 calories. The mere act of walking, moderately to briskly, burns calories and even more so when you’re carrying/transporting something while walking. For example, walking to help the disabled, assist in special events, stock or restock shops, keep parks and play spaces clean, act as tour guides, or provide emergency response is a great way to lose weight and gain goodwill.

Itching to dance?

Dancing may just be the most enjoyable way to stay fit. Not only does it burn calories, but it also builds muscle, eliminates fat, and gets your heart going. And there’s not just one kind of dance (boring!), but a whole slew of dance types to fit everyone’s taste. The important thing is, you’re working out whenever you’re dancing – whether you’re into salsa, zumba, tap dance, break dancing, belly dancing, country-western, hip-hop, ballet, ballroom, etc. The dance types with the most calories burned per hour – hip hop (370-610), salsa (405-480), ballet (380-450), swing (300-550), belly dancing (270-360). Figures fluctuate according to your weight and the intensity of your moves.

Like to fish or hunt?

Now, one might think that these are totally sedentary activities that involve absolute stillness. One would be wrong. Fishing involves walking, digging worms, sometimes maneuvering a boat, and using waders when fishing in a stream; while hunting involves tracking and chasing (foxes), carrying or dragging heavy weight (deer or other large game), and retrieving. Hunting large game, pheasants or grouse – and fishing in a stream using waders – get rid of the most calories (340 per hour of the activity). Hunting small game, like rabbits, squirrels, and raccoons is right up there with 272 calories.

Are you a music lover?

Yes, you may just be sitting (or standing) there – but your musical efforts are definitely paying off! Drummers and musical instrument players and baton twirlers in a marching band – you’re way ahead with 204 calories burned for every hour of music making. Remember, the marching band also walks in addition to playing instruments. An hour of playing the trombone burns 170 calories; while a similar time span for standing guitar players and rock-and-roll band members yields 136 calories. The musical instrument with the least calorie-burning potential per hour – the accordion at 54 calories.

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