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Which E-Cig Flavor Blend with Which Food? A Pairing Menu for Gourmet Vapers


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What makes a meal unforgettable?

Just as the most exquisite entree is enhanced by the right wine accompaniment, so every meal is perfected when finished off with a great apres-dinner or post-lunch vape! Green Smoke®eCigs offers a stellar list of 7 award-winning e-cigarette flavor blends – and each complement a particular style of food especially well. Look over the pairing menu below for some extraordinary food-and-e-cigarette experiences.

A Pairing Menu for Gourmet Vapers


Classic Americana

Double beef burger, topped with roasted shallots, sautéed mushrooms, and chili beans – served on a brioche bun with lettuce and tomatoes
(Absolute Tobacco – the authentic flavor of classic American tobacco blend.)

Italian Indulgence

Pan-seared veal tips on a bed of portabello mushrooms and roasted red peppers in a sherry-spiked sauce. Served with grilled asparagus and truffle gnocchi.
(Tobacco Gold™ – Burley, Oriental, and Virginia tobacco blended for a rich, complex taste.)

Robust and Hearty

Wine-soaked porterhouse steak, rubbed with garlic, and served with a vegetable medley and a basket of sweet potato fries.
(Red Label Tobacco™ – bold Virginia tobacco  taste with woody undertones.)

Seafood Special

Grilled wild salmon with lemon butter sauce, dill risotto and steamed spinach with flavored couscous or chilled pasta salad on the side.
(Menthol Ice™ – fresh, cool, and smooth. Perfect with fish or vegetarian dishes.)

French Cuisine

Coq au Vin with baby spinach, caramelized onions,  white wine-infused potatoes, and leeks with lemon dijon vinaigrette.
(Smooth Cream™ – the taste of real cream: subtle, and refined.)

Asian Fusion

Mandarin boneless duck braised in herbs served with Chinese mushroom sauce, with Vietnamese green papaya salad on the side.
(Mountain Clove™ – an exotic taste, sweet and spicy at the same time.)

Brunch Supreme

Asparagus, leek, and gruyere quiche;  hickory-smoked omelet;  Belgian waffles and French toast; gourmet fruit salad bowl; and a selection of cheeses.
(Mocha Mist™ – the taste of freshly roasted coffee with notes of nuttiness.)


Whatever cuisine you’re in the mood for, the food experience is just so much more enjoyable when you finish it off with the high vapor volume and rich, thick flavor blends of a Green Smoke® electronic cigarette. Plus, you can vape outdoors or indoors without leaving any ash or unpleasant odor behind. For more information and exciting money-saving deals, check us out at