E-Cig Mods: Cheaper Way to Smoke or Dangerous?

Exploding E-Cigs

Electronic cigarettes have been around for a number of years now and while there are a number of reputable companies, there is a sub-culture that has also sprung up where users create their own modified electronic cigarettes or e-cig “mods”. Smoking electronic cigarettes is one of most affordable ways to smoke. By creating e-cig mods, smokers are able to bring the cost down even more.

But is it a good idea to use these e-cig mods instead of buying from an electronic cigarette company? Are there any dangers associated with them?

Electronic cigarette companies work extremely hard to give their customers an enjoyable smoking experience. Part of their product development involves vigorous testing to ensure that every product that leaves the factory is at the quality and standard that they expect.

Mods on the other hand have little, if no, safety regulations in place. Similar to lighters, customers can purchase these products cheaply online from China and easily import them in separate pieces into the country.

They then assemble them and build a modified e-cigarette.

There are a number of forums and communities online that show exactly how to create a custom mod, but all of these forums have warnings saying that these mods are to be built at the users own risk. There is no quality control on any of the products. While in many cases the modified e-cigarette will simply not work, other cases can lead to nicotine poisoning or even batteries and cartridges igniting.

And these users then have no one to answer to. They’re using unregulated products and if they injure themselves there is no one that they can complain to.

The safest bet is to simply buy your products from a reputable e-cigarette supplier. While they might be slightly more expensive then mods, they are much easier to use and  are still extremely less expensive than traditional cigarettes. And you can feel assured that the company has tested that product to ensure that you are protected from any issues that might arise when using a mod.

The bottom line is that while e-cigarettes are an enjoyable alternative to traditional cigarettes, they must still be used responsibly. Buy from a reputable company, don’t go the cheaper route


9 Responses to “E-Cig Mods: Cheaper Way to Smoke or Dangerous?”

  1. [...] Another disturbing trend has been e-cig mods. Smokers view them as a cheaper alternative to electronic cigarettes, but they are also unregulated and pose a serious threat to their users. Users import all of the  pieces separately and build it themselves. The pieces are many times incompatible with each other and run the risk of exploding. Check out why e-cig mods are a bad idea [...]

  2. Diana Watson says:

    Was it a mod or an e-cig that recently blew up in a man’s mouth?

  3. gavin says:

    All reports have indicated it was an electronic cigar mod of some kind. One thing that is a fact was that it was an electronic cigar mod NOT an electronic cigarette.

  4. olawae says:

    does the e-cigarrete contain nicotine?

  5. gavin says:

    Our e-cigarettes contain a number of nicotine strengths.

  6. Paul says:

    Lesson learned the hard way…. :-(

  7. nam says:

    Are you serious? When people import a “mod” all they get is a battery tube 3 tubes for 3 different batteries how is a tube “dangerous” maybe you should use one before you write this blog that just puts down these “mods” and anyone who has used old batteries are potentially putting themselves at risk its not the mods its people who are uneducated and want to jump into making their own coils because they want what they see on youtube. If you build based on reccomended coils and check your coil before using it and check to make sure your batteries are in good condition you will rarely have a problem

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