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E-Cigs: Not Your Parent’s Cigarettes!


E-cigs are definitely 21st century. While they look, feel, and taste similar to regular cigarettes they deliver rich flavors, trendy vapor and a real nicotine punch. All in all, an authentic smoking experience – delivered minus the ash, turn-offish smell on your hair, clothes, and breath that’s soooo 20th century. Plus, no more dealing with the ubiquitous smoking bans that seem to creep into more and more areas of your life: E-cigarettes produce no ash, butts, or lingering odor, so you can smoke them almost anywhere you want to. Definitely, not your parent’s cigarettes!
How do electronic cigarettes deliver unparalleled vaping pleasure? Let us count the ways.

No more budget-breaking costs
Green Smoke® e-cigarettes’  innovative FlavorMax™ cartridge is designed to maximize flavor and provide exceptionally high vapor volume – in fact 25% more volume than other e-cig brands. In fact, each cartridge lets you enjoy vaping for up to a whole day! One 5-cartridge pack costs just $16.97 each – that’s just about $3 per cartridge. Save more by buying your cartridges in bulk, joining the Subscribe & Save program, or taking advantage of ongoing sales and other savings opportunities.

No more limitations
With Green Smoke® e-cigarettes, you can vape practically everywhere! With no offensive odor to annoy those around you, you can enjoy vaping virtually anywhere. Imagine the convenience. Imagine a richer social life. Imagine being able to vape indoors during winter.

..And all the while enjoying the flavor you expect and deserve

One of the first questions a new vaper asks when they’re given a Green Smoke e-cig is “How does it taste?” And after their first puff, vaper after vaper have been blown away with the rich, robust flavor that Green Smoke e-cigarettes have. And 8 amazing flavors to choose from!

Vape like it’s the 21st century!

With Green Smoke® electronic cigarettes, smoking will never be the same again.