Green Smoke® Electronic Cigarette Passes the “Smell Fresh Test”

Smell Fresh with E CigsAnd with flying colors, too, if I may add!

Hey, all you smokers (and soon-to-be Green Smoke® e-cigarette fans)! As you know, the smell of cigarette smoke is pretty distinct. Some say it is bitter and sour. Others describe it as musty. Still others define it as overpowering, pungent. And the more uncharitable ones say that the smoker’s odor is worse than the smoke itself! But one thing that everybody agrees on is that cigarette odor sticks. It lingers and dominates the surrounding smells – whether on your hair, clothing, or couch and in your car. 

Now, I’m no advice columnist, but here are just some examples of what both smoking and non-smoking friends complain about regarding the smell of smoke:

“Is there a product I can use to get the cigarette smell out of my car? I’m embarrassed to use it on a date!”

“My daughter loves hand-me downs – and she just got bags of it from her best friend. The bad news – said best friend smokes like a chimney and my daughter comes out smelling like one when she wears the clothes! PS: Tried multiple washings – didn’t work!”

“I love going out to clubs – but hate that my hair reeks of smoke afterwards! It’s not me – it’s my friends who smoke. And it’s so bad my roommates refuse to be in the same room with me. What can I do besides washing it after every night-out?”

Maybe it’s time to get the word out about the cigarette odor-less lifestyle!

People have come up with a whole list of solutions to eliminate cigarette smell – from multiple washings to steam-cleaning…from commercial odor eliminator products to “natural” deodorizers like white vinegar…and even a scented douche-and-water combo (I kid you not)!

But really, these “solutions” may just cover up the smell. Or, at best, they may clean and deodorize only the surface of the couch or car upholstery (for instance) – so they smell clean for a few weeks or months, only for the cigarette odor to come back later on.

So why not go to the “root” of the problem?

Switch to Green Smoke® e-cigarettes (or suggest that your friends do so)! Because Green Smoke® e-cigs are battery-operated, they don’t burn and emit NO smoke or cigarette odor. As in ZERO. As in NONE. All they emit is fresh, full-flavored vapor – though you may not know it because it feels just like smoke!

Try it – its odor-less quality is one of the reasons Green Smoke® electronic cigarette is great for jump starting or enhancing your social life and regaining your sense of freedom. Gone are the days when you have to leave a family, social, or business event just to smoke.

Now, you can smoke indoors or in your car all you want – and still pass the “smell fresh test”.

3 Responses to “Green Smoke® Electronic Cigarette Passes the “Smell Fresh Test””

  1. Smoking odors, are the hardest odors to eliminate, why do they hang, around when the sources of the odors are no longer there? The offensive smell associated with odors is mostly made up from gases released from their sources. These invisible gases become attached onto floating air molecules, which drift with the air currents in the room. Over time some dissipate and others most notably smoking and urine odors, penetrate walls, carpet and drapes. Air-ReNu a paint additive, turns any wall surface, into a permanent air, purification system no electricity or filters required.

  2. PeteC says:

    My co-workers who are both non-smokers, one rabidly so, are totally comforable around me when using Green Smoke. They say that ocasionally they can just catch a slight hint of aroma, but that ti is barely noticeable, and not at all unpleasant.

  3. Anthony says:

    My car has never smelt so fresh. After I gave up smoking I had to wash my car out with bleach to get rid of the tobacco smell which was knocking ne sick. Now I have switched to Green smoke I don’t even use an air freshener

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