Essential E Cigarette Accessories from Green Smoke

GreenSmoke E cigarettes offer a wide range of accessories designed to enhance your vaping experience.

USB Charger


Plug the USB Charger, into your computer, PC or Mac, and just screw in the battery. The battery is fully charged when the light indicator turns green.


Car adapter for USB Charge


This12V car lighter receptacle adapter can be used with the USB Charger to charge your Green Smoke electric cigarette in your car, van, or truck.


Home adapter for USB Charger


Use the Home Adapter for USB Charger to charge your Green Smoke Electric cigarette in your home, office or anywhere else you can find an outlet without having to use a computer.


E Cigarette Carrying Case


Keep your batteries and cartridges together in Green Smoke’s stylish and practical carrying case.


Gold Alumimum Carrying Case


This slim carrying case fits two fully assembled e cigs.


USB Electric Cigarette


Instead of regular lithium battery, this custom Electric cigarette runs power directly from your USB port on your computer.




Smoke cartridges are the part of your electric cigarette that looks like the filter.



Extra Litium Battery


Purchase extra batteries and keep one at home, one at work, and in your car. Ensure that you never be without your Green Smoke e cigarette. Use one battery while charging the other.



5 Responses to “Essential E Cigarette Accessories from Green Smoke”

  1. Raymond says:

    Really like this. Coool. :o)

  2. eCig says:

    Great info, thanks for sharing.
    Remember however people that the electronic cigarette is not designed to be a replacement therapy.

  3. Lisa says:

    just want to let you all know the portable battery pack used with the USB cigarette ( with the cord) is amazing! The battery lasts for days without recharging and it also comes with a double usb port so you can keep another battery charging at all times.You can also charge your ipod,kindle and cell phone! I hated always worrying about dead batteries when away from home or my laptop- this is the perfect solution.

  4. Madison says:

    This is my ONLY negative comment I can make about this brand/product:
    But where have all of your cartridge flavors gone!?!?!? My absolute favorite flavor in the world was your previous Apple flavor, and now it’s gone, but you have 2 different chocolate flavors???? I just recently started smoking my green smoke again and I went to order new cartridges and I was devastated when I saw it was gone… I really hope you are going to put Apple back on the market soon. I’m stuck with vanilla because I don’t like any “cigarette” flavors.. This definitely needs to be fixed.
    P.S. sorry if it’s out there on your website or something that you said you’re bringing back Apple flavor, I obviously just didn’t see it yet.

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