Stay Out of the Cold This Winter

In most parts of the country, January is one of the coldest months of the year. And the fact that there’s nothing going on the entire month can make it seem even colder.

The holidays have passed. Valentine’s Day is more than a month away. And it’s very cold outside.

It’s especially hard if you smoke. When you’re forced outside during your lunch break while all of your co-workers stay inside enjoying the heat.

That’s why the winter is the perfect time to use Green Smoke® electronic cigarettes. Our cigarettes are odorless, create no mess, and can be smoked indoors.

You’ll be able to enjoy them while staying inside – and out of the cold.

The list of places that you could smoke is endless. Here are just a few places that Green Smoke® customers have reported using their electronic cigarettes that normally ban cigarettes:

In a bar.

In the recliner in their living room.

In their office during meetings.

In the house with nonsmokers.

At the office.

At MusicFest 2012.

In a Red Lobster.

The possibilities are endless.

From a distance, it’s easy to confuse a Green Smoke® electronic cigarette with a real cigarette so you might want to keep your electronic cigarette member’s card handy in case someone asks you to smoke outside.

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