Hollywood Goes Electronic: Why Celebs Are “Vaping Up”

It seems that the latest trend to invade Tinseltown is none other than electronic cigarettes! In fact, there have been numerous sightings of celebrities “vaping up” both in their movies and in their personal lives.Lindsay Lohan at Fashion Week

Whatever brand of e-cigarette they’re smoking, we at Green Smoke® Electronic Cigarettes couldn’t be happier.

Who’s Who in E-Cigarette-Smoking Celebrities

Pop star and mom of two Britney Spears was pictured smoking her smoke-less, ash-less e-cigarette while relaxing on her vacation. While A-lister Leonardo Di Caprio was captured in a photo that showed him riding his bike in New York, e-cig dangling from his lips. Even wild child Lindsey Lohan was snapped taking a puff of her electronic cigarette – a nice change of pace for the traditional cigarette-smoking actress.

Meanwhile, Hollywood Bad Boy Charlie Sheen has not only been enjoying this great new smoking alternative – he has reportedly even launched his own e-cig brand, NicoSheen! Great play on words, Charlie! And since we’re talking Hollywood, what better pitch for a product than product placement! That’s exactly what Johnny Depp did when he started vaping his e-cigarette in a train sequence in the Angelina Jolie starrer, The Tourist. Great plug for a product that you can smoke virtually anywhere!

Of course, no list of e-cig smoking celebrities would be complete without Katherine Heigl, who famously smoked her electronic cigarette – and promoted it – while guesting on The Late Show with David Letterman.

Why Aren’t We Surprised?

Wow, that’s quite an endorsement of a relatively new product genre. But we’re not really surprised. While we don’t know the motivation of each of these celebrity smokers, there are a number of reasons why they and e-cigarettes go together.

The Trendy Factor

Celebrities are always at the vanguard of the newest, chicest, and trendiest. And electronic cigarettes are nothing if not trendy. It’s easy to see why – because now Hollywoodites can have their cake and eat it too. With a smoke-less alternative like Green Smoke® e-cigarettes, they can enjoy the same full-bodied flavor, high smoke volume, and genuine smoking sensation as traditional cigarettes– without having to deal with ash and cigarette butts or bothering those around them with smoke and that nasty cigarette smell!

The Convenience Angle

Celebrities never sit still. They’re always moving and on the go – whether filming in locations, partying in post-Oscar or movie premier bashes, or just letting their hair down with fellow bold-facers in clubs, bistros, or restaurants. They need a cigarette that fits in perfectly with this lifestyle. That’s why a Green Smoke® electronic cigarette is the perfect celebrity accessory. Because it’s smoke-less and odor-less, it can be enjoyed anywhere, any time. No need to interrupt any social situation – whether brokering a potentially big movie deal or talking up the leading lady of your dreams – just to run out for a smoke!

The “Celebrities Are Just Like Regular Folks” Thing

Look. They may be stars in the Hollywood firmament. But when it comes to wanting a truly sensational smoking experience – without the hassles, inconvenience and, yes, even the significantly higher expenses that go with traditional cigarettes – celebrities are human. Just like you and me. They want something that gives them the same look, taste, and feel of “the real thing.” But they also don’t want to deal with ashtrays, smelly cars, smokers’ breath, or smoking bans everywhere they go. And if they find a better smoking alternative, maybe they’d be willing to dive right in and try something new, like Green Smoke® e-cigarettes.

Prediction: Electronic cigarette-smoking is one celebrity craze that may yet go mainstream!

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