How Do You Burn Calories? Count the Ways! Part 1

We’re smack in the middle of summer. That means beach season. Pool season. Boardwalk season. Enjoy-the-outdoors season. It’s that time of year that usually makes people think of losing weight and looking better. And the mantra is the more calories you burn, the more weight you lose.

Only thing is, it’s not THAT easy to do. And the usual calorie-burning activities that help you lose weight – exercising – can be exhausting and boring to a lot of people. But here’s the good news! Whatever type of person you are – whether you’re a super busy parent, a workaholic, or a happy homebody – there ARE ways to get in shape that you can enjoy.

Exercise and Lose Weight

For gym rats and sporty types

OK, those who spend all their leisure time playing sports or working out in the gym have an advantage. They LOVE doing this thing. The top 5 activities for gym rats, according to amount of calories burned per half-hour, are: vigorous stationary bicycling (315), high-impact aerobics (300), ski machine (285), elliptical trainer (270), and vigorous stationary rowing (255). While the top 5 calorie-burning sports and recreational activities include: running (based on eight-minute miles), rock climbing (great for endurance and flexibility), swimming (for an overall body workout), cycling (great cardio workout and thighs/calves builder), and boxing (great cardio-respiratory and muscular endurance activity). Play these sports and lose 450, 371, 360, 300-400, 324 calories, respectively for every half-hour played.

For the workaholic

Are you at the office almost 24/7? Even if you can’t fit fitness in before or after working hours, don’t despair – working out while working is not unheard of! Take commuting for example: If you can, bike or walk to work. If you must drive or take public transportation, give yourself opportunities to walk by parking some distance from your office or getting off the bus or train several stops before your destination. At work, continue the pace: instead of phoning, skyping, or emailing colleagues, walk to them. On a break or between tasks? Do some simple stretches, squats, leg and arm curls. Form walking groups for lunch breaks (walk instead of window-shop). And of course, if your company offers gym membership benefits – grab ‘em!

For the beach bum

Yes, you can fit in fitness during your beach vacation! No, not by doing boring exercises, but by simply having fun. Lose about 100 calories per hour by building sandcastles with your kids – or 125 calories an hour by playing Frisbee with your friends. Simply jumping waves can take away 300 calories per hour. While beach badminton or paddle ball knocks off between 300 to 450 calories per hour. Want to take it up a notch? Go kayaking (350 calories per hour), swimming (410 calories per hour), or play beach volleyball (500 calories per hour). Early morning or late afternoon jog on the beach – why, that would be an astonishing 800 calories per hour!

For the homebody

Do you work from home or just love staying indoors? Then, you’ll love to know that ordinary household chores CAN help you burn calories, too! Why pay for expensive gym memberships when you’re  getting in shape just doing what you normally do? From vacuuming and mopping to feeding pets and preparing food…from watering plants and scrubbing floors to playing with your kids or caring for elderly adults…staying active means staying off calories! Best calorie-burners for stay-at-homes: carrying (loaded) boxes or furniture (544 calories per hour), carrying groceries upstairs (442 calories per hour), vigorous running and playing with children or animals (272 calories per hour).

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Watch out for Part 2 of this article: Calorie-Burning Activities for Handy Types, Outdoorsy Types, Travelers, and for Your Leisure Time

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