How Much Does It Cost to Smoke an E Cigarette?

Current smokers who are considering making the switch to an e cigarette may be interested to know how the cost of the Green Smoke™ electric cigarette compares to their traditional smokes. At a time when budgets are being stretched pretty tight, e cigarette users can reap significant savings over their traditional cigarettes.



At the beginning, e cigarettes users need to purchase a starter kit. Currently, a basic starter kit from Green Smoke with five cartridges and a rechargeable lithium battery is just over a hundred dollars. Each additional cartridge costs $3 and is comparable to a regular pack of traditional cigarettes. Today, tobacco cigarettes cost about $5 per pack, and in some areas, such as New York, they’re reaching as high as $12 -$14 dollars!


To see these figures another way. Someone who smokes a pack a day will shell out about $1,800 yearly just on their smokes (and that’s if their only paying $5 per pack). On the other hand, with the Green Smoke e cig, the same pack-a-day smoker would spend about $1,000 on nicotine cartridges. Even when adding in the price of the starter kit, it represents a savings of a few hundred dollars in the first year alone.

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