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A Great Valentine’s Day Gift Idea


There are a lot of opinions regarding the origin of Valentine’s Day. But what everybody agrees on is this -  Valentine’s Day has come to symbolize love, and has become the classic time to express that love. And that’s in the form of a gift, of course! Because how better to show your beloved that you are thinking of her? How better to prove your love than giving him what he needs or wants? The only problem – it is difficult to think of great Valentine’s Day gifts.

Going with the usual heart-shaped box of chocolates? Your girlfriend/wife will probably be upset that you’re feeding her sweet tooth and causing her to gain weight. Giving flowers? That too has become quite standard, indicating that you can’t think of a better gift idea.

And if you are a woman, you’ll also probably end up getting cliche gifts for your boyfriend/husband. A sure sign that you just went with the crowd, rather than giving something truly meaningful.

So, I thought of this great Valentine’s Day gift idea!

It really only applies, though,  if one or both parties in the relationship – doesn’t matter if it is the husband or wife – is a vaper.

See, Valentine’s Day is really a day for expressing your love for each other. At least part of the day, probably a large part, you will spend in each other’s embrace, cuddling on the couch, watching a movie or simply talking, snuggling in bed, or cozying up over a steaming cup of tea/coffee/hot chocolate.

What better way to enhance this special time by giving your vaping partner  Green Smoke® electronic cigarettes? He or she will surely appreciate your thoughtfulness. Even better, there’s no offensive smell to ruin all that closeness. So you can cuddle up all you want!

Green Smoke® eCigs has other specialized items that make for perfect gifts.

For example, you can get your wife or girlfriend the  Green Smoke® pink electric cigarette battery. Or how about Green Smoke®’s carrying cases, such as the finely crafted leather case for the guy in your life or the crystal-studded sparkle case for that special woman.

Of course you can get great presents for your loved one that have nothing to do with Green Smoke® Electronic Cigarettes. If you do, make sure it is either something your partner really wants and values, or something that can bring the two of you closer together.

Happy Valentine’s Day!