Ideas for Valentine’s Day Gifts

There are a lot of opinions regarding the source for, and the origin of, Valentine’s Day. What everybody agrees on is that Valentine’s Day has come to symbolize love, and has become the classic time to express that love. In the form of a gift, of course, because how better to express your love than to show your loved one you are thinking of them and their needs and wants? The problem is that it is difficult to think of great ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts.

You can just go with the standard heart shaped box of chocolates, but then your girlfriend/wife will probably be upset at you later for causing her to gain weight by feeding her sweet tooth. Another option is flowers, but that too has simply become the standard and is more of a sign of what you get your wife/girlfriend when you could not think of a decent idea on your own.
And if you are the female giving to the boyfriend/husband, you’ll also probably fall trap to getting the cliche type gifts that indicate that you just went with what everyone else is giving, rather than getting something truly meaningful.

So, I thought of this great Valentine’s Day gift idea, though it really only applies if one, or both, of the parties (doesn’t matter if it is the husband or wife) in the relationship is a smoker. Valentine’s Day is really a day for expressing your love for each other.

Green Smoke Valentine's Day Gift IdeaAt least part of the day, probably a large part, you will spend in each others embrace, cuddling on the couch watching a movie or talking, snuggling in bed, chummying up by the table over a steaming cup of tea/coffee/hot chocolate. If your partner is a smoker, chances are you will not enjoy the cuddling all that much, or if you are the smoker your partner will not enjoy it. The smell of tobacco can be overpowering, and while you will probably still enjoy the cuddling, as you are used to the smell to a certain extent, it does take away a certain amount of the pleasure.

My Valentine’s Day gift idea for you is to buy Green Smoke electronic cigarettes. That way you can cuddle up with each other and not be turned off, even the slightest bit, by the smell of burnt tobacco.

Of course Green Smoke has some specialized items that make even more perfect gifts. For example, you can get your wife or girlfriend the brand new Green Smoke pink electric cigarette battery, or Green Smoke has a variety of carry cases that make great presents, such as the gold case for the guy in your life or the sparkle case for that special woman.

Of course you can get great presents for your loved one that have nothing to do with Green Smoke. if you do, make sure it is either something your partner really wants and values or that it is something that can bring the two of you closer together.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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  1. andrew bolis says:

    I really like this one. really cool. Best of luck for you.

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