What do Jessica White and Evan Ross Have in Common?

We’ve spotted not one but two more celebrities sampling our e-cigarettes. So, who are the latest celebs who’ve tried our revolutionary Green Smoke e cig?

Supermodel Jessica White - In case you aren’t familiar with Miss White, she’s a Victoria’s Secret model, and has even appeared in a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and was a Maybelline model as well. She appeared some time ago in VH1′s “The T.O. Show” (a reality show about Tyrell Owens) but feels that her appearance on the show didn’t accurately portray who she really is. She was quoted as saying: “Reality shows are anything but reality.”

Since reality shows are often edited and casted to create max drama; I would think that this is probably true. Nonetheless, this is an interesting quote and just goes to show that you probably shouldn’t take so called reality shows at face value.

Evan Ross – Evan Ross is the son of legendary singer and former Supreme, Diana Ross. It seems that Evan is following in mom’s footsteps as he is pursuing a singing career. He released his first single, “Yes Me” back in February of this year. That’s not all though, as he’s also appeared in a few movies to date, including ATL and Pride. We can’t wait to hear and see more of this talented young star!

In short, Green Smoke has really been getting around and if you see any famous people enjoying a Green Smoke e-cig, then please let us know!

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