No Fire, No Smoke: Matchless E-Cigarettes

No Fire Hazard - Matchless EcigarettesWhere there’s smoke, there’s fire. No truer words were spoken, especially when taken literally. Perhaps that’s why smokeless smoking alternatives like Green Smoke® electronic cigarettes are “catching fire”!

Fact is, traditional cigarette smokers endure not just dirty butts…awful, clings-everywhere odor…and social stigma. But because tobacco cigarettes are lit and produce ash, smokers also face the very real risk of fire, resulting in tragedies such as these.

Item one: Pensioners in Harrogate, in the UK, were lucky to have escaped uninjured when a fire broke out in their sheltered housing. The fire was already “well alight” when fire crews arrived. The blaze was believed to have started by a discarded cigarette from a rubbish chute. – from the Harrogate Advertiser, 19 Feb 2013

Item two: A farm worker in Dubai died of smoke inhalation after a blaze in a colleague’s bedroom. Although the victim was not a smoker, he was killed by the improper disposal of a cigarette butt by his co-worker, which instigated the fire. – from, 17 Feb 2013

Item three: A 62-year-old man died from a fire at his mobile home in Lumberton, North Carolina. According to an investigator from the sheriff’s office, the blaze, which also injured a former firefighter, was caused by a cigarette. – from, 11 Feb 2013

Still smoking tobacco cigarettes? You could literally be playing with fire.
In the US, study after study shows that fires due to cigarettes have resulted in substantial human life and property costs. A National Fire Protection Association Report, issued in 2012, revealed that US fire departments responded to about 90,800 fires traced back to smoking material (lighted tobacco products). These fires claimed about 610 deaths, 1570 injuries, and $663 million in property damage.

Green Smoke® e-cigarettes: No fire, no hazard.
With Green Smoke® electronic cigarettes, there’s no risk of starting a fire. That’s because they run on batteries and don’t burn anything. No ash equals no risk of fire! You can enjoy smoking your e-cig in bed or elsewhere. And you don’t have to worry that you’ll fall asleep while still smoking and inadvertently start a fire on your sheets, clothes, carpet, curtains, or in the trash. No need to “put out” your e-cigarette – Green Smoke® e-cig has a built in sensor that activates only when you inhale. What a revolutionary idea!

So Green Smoke® e-cigs are safe. But are they good?
Thanks for asking – because this is exactly why you should switch to Green Smoke® e-cigarettes (if you haven’t already). Green Smoke® e-cigs give you the same full-bodied flavor, the same high smoke volume, the same oral fixation and oh-so-smooth (and genuine!) smoking sensation as tobacco cigarettes. And you don’t have to risk life and limb to enjoy it!

So how about it? Green Smoke® electronic cigarettes are here. So you can stop playing with fire…and enjoy a matchless smoking experience.

3 Responses to “No Fire, No Smoke: Matchless E-Cigarettes”

  1. John N. says:

    Just purchased my starter kit last week. I love it! I smoked a regular cig’ yesterday and it was horrible. The Green Smoke Cig’ is so clean that with the tobacco cig’ I could taste the nasty paper and all the other gross stuff I was breathing in before, and I can tell a HUGE difference of how my lungs feel…i even just feel better about myself! I think that will be my last regular cig’. What a great product. ; P

  2. plumbing says:

    Spending a few extra pounds on an electronic cigarette kit that lasts a lot longer than the one a few pounds cheaper won’t hurt you at all in the longer run and could in fact save you money.

  3. revolt says:

    Valuable info. Fortunate me I discovered your site accidentally, and I’m shocked why this accident didn’t took place earlier! I bookmarked it.

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