Most Eligible E-Smoker

Matt It is no surprise that Matt Nordgren was chosen to be on the recent reality hit “Most Eligible: Dallas”. After all, he’s a former Longhorn quarterback who was signed to play professional football (before an injury sidelined him), a successful businessman and partner in his family’s energy business, is involved in numerous charities, and yeah… he’s pretty easy on the eyes too. Needless to say we were pretty charmed by Matt.

That’s right, we got the chance to meet Matt at the GBK Green Smoke® Fashion Week event in New York and were thrilled to introduce him to our line of e-cigs. So, what did Matt have to say about them? After trying them he remarked, “What an amazing product!”

One Response to “Most Eligible E-Smoker”

  1. Bongi says:

    Cute Guy, looks like E cigarette is going to become popular like standard Smoking in the 1940`s.

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