Oscar Nominee: The Social Network Review

A focused Zuckerberg, in The Social Network

A focused Zuckerberg, in The Social Network

While the first three Oscar Nominee movie reviews were done in order of the
published list, I have decided to go out of order now, and skip down to what was perhaps my favorite movie in the list. It is time for The Social Network review.

The Social Network Review

To be brief and put it mildly, The Social Network was all about how Facebook was founded, how social media was created and became popular.

“The Social Network” is a film adaptation of the biographical novel, “The Accidental Billionaires”, written by Ben Mezrich. The movie is set in the form of a lawsuit being worked out between the lawyers as they are fighting over money. Through the arguments in the conference room, the movie shows us the history of how Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook with the help of his finance geek friend Eduardo Saverin. Together they found Facebook, but at some point Zuckerberg replaces Eduardo with web entrepreneur Sean Parker and they bring Facebook to a new level.

The Social Network Focus

There is not much focus in the movie on Facebook itself, and how it grew in popularity, though it does show some of that. The movie shows scenes and dialogue of how the college students, who it was initially designed and launched for, were using it, and we see it growing in popularity by leaps and bounds, well beyond the expectations of Zuckerberg and Saverin, though those scenes are more parenthetical segues rather than a focus of the movie. The focus is more on the founders and financials of Facebook.

The Social Network shows us the tremendously focused drive by Zuckerberg to get Facebook up and running, and to provide in Facebook the social needs the college students would have. Zuckerberg was so completely focused, he did not pay attention to anything else around him, and he did not consider any problem that was raised, such as lack of funding, to be a problem too difficult to overcome. Saverin, on the other hand, was dealing with the finances, and he wanted Zuckerberg to slow down while they figured out solutions to various difficulties, such as where they would get the money to fund further development.

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The Social Network Personality

Zuckerberg is later pictured as ruthless and unemotional when he cuts out his friend and fellow founder Saverin, and brings on board Sean Parker, who is played by Justin Timberlake. Parker is the quintessential web entrepreneur, who is a big spender and someone who knows how to have a good time and looks to do so more than concentrate on work. Parker makes the Facebook headquarters a fun place to work, throwing parties and really making the place into one constant party.

One thing I would like to say is that, in my opinion, Zuckerberg got the raw end of the deal in this movie. Zuckerberg is portrayed as a jerk. Ever since the movie there has been a lot of talk on Facebook and on various websites about how despicable Zuckerberg is, how much of a jerk, willing to step on everyone’s toes to get what he wants, and the like. While there is something to that, I don’t think he is really the jerk he is made out to be.

Zuckerberg is less jerk and more absent-minded software engineer. Zuckerberg is simply so focused on creating Facebook that he just does not realize he is hurting people along the way. Not that that makes it right or ok for him to hurt other people, but he is not doing it intentionally with the intention of succeeding off the hard work of other people. He is just completely focused on one thing, and does not notice all the stuff around him.

The Social Network Smoking Scene

The Social Network has plenty of material that would make parents think twice before letting their kids watch this movie. The material includes semi-nude females in the parties, drinking alcohol, marijuana use, and smoking, among other things. There is not really much focus on these things, so it is not so bad, and it serves the purpose of setting the “college campus” scenes, showing how the college kids act. This is a very good example of a situation where they could have used Green Smoke electronic cigarettes instead of tobacco cigarettes and the movie set would have been cleaner, smelled better and no quality or sense of realistic atmosphere would have been compromised.

The Social Network Review Conclusion

The conclusion of The Social Network review is that this movie has, in my opinion, a very realistic shot at winning the Oscar in many of the categories in which it is competing. The Social Network is interesting, intriguing, and the story is explosive dealing with one fo the great successes of the modern day.


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