Ready to Vape? Not Ready to Commit? Try E-Cig Disposables!

E-Cig Disposables

E-cigarette disposables, including the Green Smoke® Disposables, are a win-win option for many people. For example, if you’re thinking of switching to electronic cigarettes – but don’t want to commit to this lifestyle before knowing for sure that you’re going to enjoy it – then you’re a great candidate for e-cig disposables.

Or, if you’re just an occasional smoker who isn’t really interested in switching to e-cigs – but find them convenient in certain situations – then disposables are for you, too. For instance, business travelers who want to make sure they can smoke in their rental cars, airport lounges or hotel rooms will find disposables to be a perfect solution. While purely “social” smokers can rely on disposables to get them through a date or any event held in a bar or restaurant, enabling them to enjoy a puff without offending their companions or getting banned from the place.

Last but not least, if you’re always on the go and value convenience above all, then disposables are your friend. (But while disposables are the economical way for newbies to start on their e-cig experience, those who want to segue into long-term usage are better served by the bigger savings provided by low-cost starter kits.)

The advantages of disposables

  • Convenient – It’s already pre-charged, so you can enjoy its rich flavor and high smoke volume right away. No batteries, chargers, adapters, or anything else required.
  • Affordable – It’s easy to start trying the Green Smoke experience – or enjoying it occasionally – without making a big commitment. Each Green Smoke® Disposable costs only $9.99 and is equivalent to up to two packs of cigarettes. On the other hand, each pack of regular cigs costs about $6.00 on the average. You enjoy about 25% savings!
  • Easy to use – Compact and portable with a simple one-piece design (just like a real cig)! Simply pull one out to begin enjoying the realistic smoking sensation. And just throw it away after use – no muss, no fuss!
  • Easy to get – No need to place orders or await delivery. Green Smoke® Disposables are available at a convenience store near you – readily accessible whenever you feel like having a puff. Check this out to find a store near you!
  • Available in Green Smoke’s most popular flavors – Absolute Tobacco and Menthol Ice, both at full nicotine strength (1.8)

Affordable, but no less stellar …

… than the rest of the Green Smoke line! When it comes to smoking e-cigarettes, Green Smoke customers expect nothing less than … a “wow” experience. And Green Smoke® Disposables definitely deliver. With the same quality as the brand’s starter kits, they provide maximum dollar value (not just savings). With each Disposable containing the same nicotine content as two packs of regular cigarettes, smokers can enjoy more puffs for their money!

And Green Smoke continues to perfect technologies that further enhance quality, affordability, and convenience– without compromising the experience customers deserve. In the pipeline: next generation disposables with greater portability and an even more realistic feel.

Smokers, want to see if the e-cig lifestyle is for you? Try Green Smoke® Disposables – all gain, no pain!

2 Responses to “Ready to Vape? Not Ready to Commit? Try E-Cig Disposables!”

  1. Smoky says:

    The only cartomizers I’ve seen in stores in my community are Blu’s. Do they fit on Green Smoke batteries?

  2. Nicole says:

    Green Smoke products are exclusively manufactured and only work with other Green Smoke products. But please check out our store locator here: as we add new retail locations on a regular basis. Or check out the latest sale at our online store:

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