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$20 Off Green Smoke® Sale Ends Summer With a Bang!


At Green Smoke® e-vapor, summer ends not with a whimper, but a bang, say company officials. The season gets a last hurrah as the leading brand of electronic cigarettes launches its End-of-Summer Blowout, giving customers $20 off of orders over $100. The offer is good on August 21 and 22 with coupon code SUMMERSAVE.

Green Smoke® Product Marketing Manager, Aliza Bleier, said, “The bad news: the end of summer is approaching. The good news: Green Smoke® e-vapor is ending it with a bang! Specifically, with a huge $20 discount on Green Smoke® products. Our goal: to help you stock up for ALL the summer fun STILL to come! By taking advantage of this sale, you won’t run short of e-cigarette supplies to take to the beach, barbecues, campouts, road trips, and other end-of-summer action!”

According to the company, Green Smoke®’s electronic cigarette’s rich flavor and matchless vaping experience provide “a perfect accompaniment to those lazy, breezy summer days when all one wants to do is sit back and relax.” Green Smoke® e-cigs provide long-lasting enjoyment and are ideal, Bleier says, for both outdoor and indoor activities.

Vapers can also choose from 7 exciting flavor blends and a complete range of nicotine strengths from 0% to 2.4%, as well as enjoy a realistic vaping experience and exceptionally high vapor volume.

“Vapers – there’s more summer fun to be had! Take advantage of Green Smoke® e-vapor’s End-of-Summer Blowout to make sure you end the season on a perfect note,” concluded Bleier.

Green Smoke® e-vapor’s End-of-Summer Blowout is good from August 21-22. Customers can enjoy the savings by going to and using coupon code SUMMERSAVE with their purchase.