Smoking – What’s THE JOB Got to Do with It?

Plenty, it seems! Look, most working people spend at least one-third of their day on the job – an environment conducive to stress, and therefore smoking. Having said that, though, studies have shown that, when it comes to cigarette smoking rates among working adults, not all jobs or occupations are created equal!

The most recent statistics in this regard come from research conducted in 2011 by the CDC  in the US and an organization called ASH  in the UK. Both surveys reveal similar findings. According to the CDC study, blue collar workers tend to smoke more than those in white collar jobs. Similarly, the ASH report pointed to a link between cigarette smoking and socio-economic status. More specifically, The ASH report concluded that men and women (29% and 26%, respectively) in “routine and manual occupations” smoked more than male and female employees (14% and 12%) in “managerial and professional “jobs.

Meanwhile, the CDC survey presented even more detailed results. At the time of the survey, smoking rates among adults had declined to 19.6% (a 2012 report has this figure down to 18%), but that figure spikes up or goes down when taking into account smokers in different industry and occupational groups.

The range varies widely – from 9.7% for those in the education and library professions to 30% for miners. Smoking rates for other professions include:

Food Preparation/Services 30%
Construction  29.7%
Waste Management 24.3%
Real Estate 23.4%
Manufacturing 23.2%
Retail 23.1%

On the lower end of the smoking prevalence spectrum, figures include:
Science and Tech Services 14%
Finance and Insurance 13.9%
Business Management 10.9%

While workplace smoking may annoy co-workers, there’s one obvious solution. That’s right – it’s the electronic cigarette. With its smokeless quality, it enables workers everywhere to enjoy a sensational smoking experience – and feel great about what they’re smoking!

3 Responses to “Smoking – What’s THE JOB Got to Do with It?”

  1. andy says:

    well computer technician maybe should vote for this :)

  2. Philip says:

    No doubt that being a non-smoker (or an e-cig smoker) has its benefits. Some companies in Norway is even going so far as to give two extra FREE days off for the non-smoking staff as a compensation for the extra breaks the smokers are getting. Times like this it’s good to be a e-cigarette smoker :-)

  3. Richard says:

    Don’t have to worry about masking that smell when you return to your job!

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