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Taking Your Electronic Cigarettes With You in 2012


Two of our readers wrote in to let us know where they enjoy using their Green Smoke electronic cigarettes. In their own words:

“I’ve used mine at a local wrestling show, inside a national guard armory with “No Smoking” signs everywhere.  It was okay for me to smoke it while everyone else who smoked traditional cigarettes had to smoke outside in the pouring rain, they had no shelter from the rain and here I was smoking in a non smoking enviroment, not getting soakin’ wet. It felt good to be able to watch a full show.

Thank You Green Smoke!”


“I am from India. A land with over a billion people in population. So whenever I whip out my e-cig I used to get stares and glares alike. I used it often in shopping malls, inside night clubs and bars. And the best was using it inside our subway trains. There are guards posted to check violation of any rules which includes smoking. The guard walked up to me ready to fine when he noticed the green light instead of red. He got confused and asked me what is it? I told him ‘My favorite toy’. He asked me what’s with the smoke? I told him its vapor. He said: “Not allowed”! To which I took out my Green Smoke membership card and showed him. He read it about five times all confused as to what should be done. Finally he gave up and asked me to let him take a drag and enjoy. In all this hullaboo all the other smokers present in my coach wanted to try too. Lucky i had extra rubber tips with me 😉 .


If you are planning to use your electronic cigarettes in any unusual locations this year, let us know.