E Cigs 101: Which E Cig Looks and Tastes Like a Real Cigarette?

I’ve decided to run a series on basic questions I’ve gotten about electronic cigarettes. So, to start I chose this question as it is probably the most frequently asked question from those looking into e cigs for the first time.  Which e cig most looks and feels like a real cigarette?

The truth is … it doesn’t really matter.

Why? Because the people asking this sort of question, think that having an e cig that looks and tastes the most like a traditional cigarette will be the most satisfying. However, as most e cig users can tell you, looks don’t count for much. The most important things are performance and flavor. Green Smoke e cigarettes have those in spades.

As for taste, it is a matter of personal preference. The most popular e cigs are the tobacco flavored ones, even if they don’t taste exactly like burning tobacco because they don’t burn! Instead, they taste more like fresh tobacco which has a slightly sweet smell and taste. Many e cig users enjoy the taste of menthol. Vanilla is another popular flavor.

So it all comes down to personal preference. Why not try an assortment?  You just might find a new flavor that you never thought you would enjoy so much.

One Response to “E Cigs 101: Which E Cig Looks and Tastes Like a Real Cigarette?”

  1. John I says:

    I’ve tried over 5 different brands of e-cig’s. Greensmoke is the easiest to use, the best flavors and the least offensive to others.

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