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Thank You, Green Smoke E-Cigs!



Thanksgiving, a national holiday, is celebrated on the last Thursday of November. With roots that can be traced to 17th century celebrations by Pilgrims who gave thanks for a good harvest, the holiday has become a beloved American tradition. It has morphed into a day for getting together with family for a sumptuous meal, as well as a time to reflect on, and gives thanks for, one’s blessings.

For my vaper friends and for myself, there’s a lot to be thankful for:

Thanks for an awesome e-cigarette

There are e-cigs and there are e-cigs. And then there’s Green Smoke. What other brand can boast of 8 rich, full-bodied and sensational flavors – all available in your choice of nicotine strength? What other brand is powered by the latest technologies – innovations that lock in flavor and freshness, maximize vapor volume, and extend battery life? What other brand has a cartridge that lets you enjoy up to a whole day’s worth of vaping? What brand features a whole range of starter kits that lets you experience e-cigs the way you want it?

Thanks for a more convenient and gratifying lifestyle

Are you a sociable person like me? Then you’ll appreciate that vaping does not cramp your style. That’s because e-cigarettes leave no offensive odor, ash ,and cigarette butts behind. So you can vape outdoors and indoors.  Plus, you don’t have to clean ashtrays or spend money on odor-removing jobs…who has time for these things anyway?

Thanks for a great customer experience

The good news is you can buy Green Smoke® e-cig online. The even better news is you’re going to have a smooth and stress-free customer experience. After all, Green Smoke is the only online e-cig brand that’s been awarded the “Excellent” seal for outstanding customer service performance by STELLAService – acing Stella’s rigorous performance tests in in response time, issue resolution, and rep demeanor with flying colors!

Thanks for lots of savings opportunities

Green Smoke® e-cig makes it easy and affordable to enjoy its matchless vaping experience – continuously creating money-saving promotions to reward current customers, encourage vapers to try its e-cigarettes, or just plain celebrating holidays with discounts and special offers that highlight how Green Smoke enhances these celebrations. This month, watch out for all the ways you’ll be able to save money on your favorite e-cig.

For all these and more, thank you, Green Smoke!