The Oscars: Inception Movie Review

The next movie we will look at from the list of the Academy Award nominees for Best Movie is “Inception” and that leads us to the Inception Movie Review.

Inception was a confusing movie. Leonardo DeCaprio is a brilliant actor, and if anyone can pull off this type of movie and make it watchable, it is DeCaprio. Actually, Leonardo DeCaprio is not the only one who could make this work, who was necessary to make it work, but brilliant film director Christopher Nolan was also a required part for this type of movie. Without these guys, this movie would not have gotten off the ground, let alone succeeded as it did.

Inception Concept

Inception is about dreams, it is about theft, and it is about plans. To be brief, a master thief, who is an expert at extracting secrets from deep within the subconscious of the human mind while in a state of dreaming decides to join a team of thieves for one last job, in the hope and expectation that succeeding at this will help him get his life back.



The twist of the movie is that instead of extracting and stealing an idea out of a dream, this time he will have to do the opposite – plant an idea in a dream – inception. If he can succeed in the inception, into the dream and sub-consciousness of the heir to a multi-billion dollar energy empire, to plant within him the idea to dissolve his empire, he will be allowed to return back home to the children he has been estranged from.

Inception Thoughts

I found Inception to be confusing, albeit compelling. The acting and filming is compelling and keeps the viewer attached to the screen, while at the same time the story is difficult to follow. The story moves between realms, between conscious and subconscious, frequently enough, and seamlessly enough, that it is, at times, difficult to know what is happening. Is he in a dream now or is this reality? Is he doing this or is he dreaming this? And if that does not sound confusing enough, there are dreams within dreams at different levels.

Even the ending leaves the viewer unsure of what happened. Was it a dream? Did he really succeed in planting the idea and going home to his children, or was it just a dream and not reality? And that leaves the all important question, did Dom Cobb make the smart choice taking such a chance, getting back to the crime, for the ultimate goal of getting to go back home? While one can talk about morality, and discuss if it is worth committing an evil act to achieve a lofty goal, here we don’t even really know if he succeeded or not. Thus, we have no real way to even measure if he retroactively made the smart choice. Green Smoke electronic cigarettes is all about making smart choices, and if we cannot figure out if he made a smart choice or not, we are unsatisfied.

Inception Oscar

I have a difficult time imaging this move as an Oscar winner. It did not provide the viewer, as I see it, with the viewing experience worthy of an Oscar. While the movie is dark and thrilling, this Inception movie review feels that the viewer generally comes out confused and less than satisfied.

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